Wednesday, October 4

House Warming Party

Our guests are so multi cultural, I think we only have 4 full blooded germans this evening, people came from Japan, India, Indonesia, Scotland and England (these two want to be specially separated although they all come from one Nation), Netherlands, France, Portugal and of course yours truly Philippines and Bulgaria.

Here are some pictures from our house warming party held 2 weeks ago. Our guests have a really good time and enjoyed the food and drinks. As usual there were more food than what the guests can consume but 3 guests didn't come (2 were sick, 1 is back in Taiwan) so we cannot cancel the order at all. Anyway, the people did like the food so much that they even agreed to take home some. Hmm this is so like in the Philippines. Take home bags are a normal sight at parties. Nevertheless I am glad that there were some left over food, they were just so yummy but I didn't have enough time to eat.
Some of the guests helped us with the move so they really saw the apartment in its "before condition" and they really like what we have made of it. The othe
rs were a bit amazed at our courage for having so much color in our home. Most homes here in Germany have white walls and they remain like that till eternity (or till the next tenants come). It is required to leave all homes with white walls before handing the keys to the owners (as well as removing the lights, the kitchen cupboards, electric appliances, sink etc. etc.). When we came here the walls were white and we have to paint them all. So when we leave we have to paint them white again (see our effort there?). That's why it is almost quite heroic to have such colorful walls.
This is how our home looked like when we came here. Don't you just love our costumes? It reminds me of Dustin Hoffman's film about Ebola Virus -- highly toxic virus here (",) Hey, this is normal here, you know labor is too expensive so people do everything on their own or try to, even if they are not skilled at all.
In the end this is what I love about the party... Ta Ran.. presents galore!
We've got wine, chocolates, a really nice plate from Lisbon, plants, cards, jam, tea (lady grey tea, really true, i thought there's only earl grey tea, turned out he has a wife) and an invitation for lunch/coffee the week after. I love parties.


chats said...

ang saya! Wish i could have my own housewarming soon!

vlado&toni said...

Of course, no need to rush, remember, it took us 6 months to have a party.