Friday, October 13


Thomas and Eyna visited us last weekend fresh from their trip to the Philippines where they experienced the four day blackout madness ( no electricity for four days caused by the heavy storm). We decided to show them the beautiful university town of Heidelberg. This is my third time to visit this town but I still find it really beautiful. I love the architecture, the atmosphere with all those young students and cozy, quaint cafes and restaurants and of course the shopping street with all it exotics shops (have bought nothing though except silk paper for the kindergarden).Aside from visiting the city of Heidelberg, Vlado and I were determined to find the statue of Jose Rizal the national hero of the Philippines. He lived and studied here during the 19th century and even made a poem regarding this city- This is my third visit. Have to find it. Thanks to Google and Thomas who tried to help Vlado locate the tiny village in the map - we found it.
As usual Eyna's wackiness is so contagiuos that we all made such hilarious poses with Rizal. I hope his followers will not be offended. We did not do anything bad but just made some nice pictures.Seriously it is really worth seeing this city, so visit it next time you are in town.


Chateau said...

Ganda naman! Sige, when I come by, i'll make sure to see heidelberg.. Nyahahahaha! In about 10 years or so!!???

eyna said...

te toni!! panalo talaga mga poses ahahaha! nostalgic! it's always fun visiting you and kuya vlado! new and interesting places to see, yummy food (best cook ever), advices that helped us, at syempre pa lagi madaming chika (in Tagalog!!)!!

Happy Birthday!!!
May the good Lord bless you and keep you always and may He grant you the desires of your heart and your wishes come true. :)

labs you!

doris said...

just curious.. i noticed there was a plaque near Rizal's foot.. what does it say .. that is if you noticed it ??

vlado&toni said...

Thanks for the birthday greeting, Eyna.
Hi Doris,yes I noticed the plaque despite our photo session, on it was written Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero, lived in Heidelberg during .... (forgot the date, I think I even made a picture of it)

Ahoy! said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my list of comments to your blog: We also found Rizal two years ago, when I spent my Christmas break down there! I couldn't help laughing at your pictures kasi ganyang-ganyan din yung mga pose namin with Rizal (i.e. the pensive ones).

Tapos, when we went to this Intramuros tour and saw Rizal's old clothes there... believe me, he was smaller than me (159 cm), so he couldn't have been as tall as that statute!!!