Friday, October 13

Thank God It's Friday

I love Fridays because of the weekends of course. We usually finish our work early on Fridays. The kids go home at 13:00 and the rest of us teachers hold our meeting till 14:30 p.m., officially but it can be extended till late in the afternoon. But can you just imagine my impatience when it starts to be 14:25 and the people are still blabbering and complaining about the schoolsytem ( found out during my studies that the schools are complaining against the incompetent kindergardens - this is probably their revenge), how the government is incompetent ( seems to be everyone's favorite topic of coversation and seems to be an aspect in my everday life : television documents it, my neighbor complains of the cutbacks in health insurance and I have to pay a fine for speeding 1-4 kilometers so unfair! Especially when the highways don't have a speeding limit) Here's my second picture from the money eating camera the government has set up .
and how weird a mother is because she starts to blowdry the hair of her child during gymanstics. It may sound so interesting
to you(or so boring you won't read the rest of this post) but this is so unimportant for me ( ooopps I should never give the link to my blog to my colleagues ) especially when I can't get into the conversation because
a) I don't understand this german politics
b) I do believe that the kindergarden and the school system are both incompetent in one way or another
c) I don't find it weird that the mom dries the hair of her sweating child during gymanstics - I even pity her because she is so paranoid
d) I am too slow to grab the invisible microphone that gives me the chance to speak.
I just can't get into the flow of the topic. Three times during a 2 second silent gap in the meeting I have managed to push a new topic about a kid who might join a project my colleague and I are doing and before I know it, I am out of the converstation again because we are back with how the government is so bad that the schools are so incompetent that the this mom is so weird like mom with hairdryer and this is the government's fault! What?? Ach! Help! I was desperate and confused. How can I bring this people to stop and listen to me after so many attempts and before 14:30 (while the colleagues are blabbering.. i was searching my head for ideas and voila - ) I said "Time out!!" a bit loud and showed the sign TIME OUT and explained about the kid and her mom for the 4th time. In the Philippines this sign like a T with your hands is used while playing to have a pause and not being It/ caught by Catch . What do you know but it worked!???!! Mission accomplished. Thank God it's Friday.

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