Saturday, October 7

The old panther

Our weekend started with an array of tasks but most importantly a visit to the veterinarian. Thank God we have one near us who' s open on a Saturday (very unusual here in Germany) so without caffeine and empty stomachs we headed to the vet to bring this creature. He has been drooling since last night and hasn't touched his favorite catfood (cod and tuna) and had rejected his favorite snack "cheeseballs". If Baghira can reject such goodies, he must be really in trouble! Anyway the doctor cannot really tell what's wrong with him so we have to go back on Monday again. In the meantime, she took 2 tubes of blood, measured his temperature (putting a thermometer in his ass - auch!), injected him with antibiotics and medicine and injected him with an intravenous mix of salt and water so that if in case he swallowed some poisonous substance, he can pee some of it. The blood tests don't look so good, it showed that he has very low levels of white blood cells and his kidney is not so good looking either. (sigh) Hope this gets all better by Monday. Please think of our little creature here in your prayers and wishes and whatever it is you do to make the little things in your life a little bit better.

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vlado&toni said...

The old panther seems to be healthy again. He needs some special dietery food for his kidneys though.