Saturday, April 14

Goodies Exchange

My old friend imom (from the Philippines) and I (living in Germany) who got reunited through the blogosphere had this idea to do an exchange gift last Christmas. She would gather goodies that I like back there and I would gather goodies from here (Germany has lots and lots of Christmas sweets!!!). Her sister works as a flight attendant so she will be our carrier. This didn't materialize however because due to some circumstances, imom's sis wasn't able to fly here. So while waiting for that flight, I tried my best to eat some of the cookies but in the end I gave up and gave it to the kids at work before the whole thing expires. One child was complaining, - "huh? why am I still eating Spekulatius (link in German but you can see how it looks like) am I not supposed to get chocolate eggs now now?" Yeah, that was a smart kid. So Valentine's day came, the Carnival came and recently Easter and all of a sudden finally The Flying Rav really flew. Ta ran-- here the contents of that goody exchange! Went to Mainz with a bag full of german goodies with this trolley and came home with this. I was able to save imom some more Lebkuchen expiring on May so imom and her family can still have a taste of german christmas in the sweltering heat of Manila's summer. Of course the care package has other interesting stuff too not only sweets (like famous german sausages - a german care package wouldn't be complete without it ). It was not only fun to have those goodies. I really had a nice time with imom's sis and so
did hubby. Till next time Flying Rav!


Gattina said...

I am a bad German, lol ! I don't like all these stuff.

BTW did you pick up your award on my blog ? Or didn't you see it ? It's just after my Cyber Cruise Ball post (where you also can admire me in my ball robe, lol)

vlado&toni said...

Thank you Gattina for the award. That's really nice of you, I am flattered.
Well that's actually good that you don't like those german things, they can be really addicting and before you know it, they're somewhere out there between the hips, tummy and legs.I ate Schweinshaxe last night, boy that was one unhealthy yummy german thing again.

imom said...

Hi there! Great to see you had some fun times with the flying Rav!
Did the pusit stink all over? hehe. Buti nga bagoong is now canned! I hope you're enjoying the goodies.. If you have TFC there, you'll see that Muncher and CornBits are all the rave hahaha! Were the meds in there? Wait, I will email you the packing list... baka nag offload si flying rav hehe

imom said...

P.S. can't wait to get my German care package.. I hope to get it by the end of the month, when rav comes over here... :D

Toni said...

Hi Chats, love the package and enjoying every bits of pieces! Even V. said that it's the best green peas ever!.. nope we don't have any Pinoy channel here or we just don't subscribe to it (no idea actually).Got the meds too.