Thursday, April 5

Easter Weekend

I love Spring not only because of the changes it brings to nature but also because of the succession of holidays that comes right after it (here in Germany). It starts with Easter, which is actually a super long weekend, starting from Friday (some already on Thursday afternoon like me :) ) to Monday. Work starts at Tuesday till the next public holiday on May 1 (also for most parts of the globe), then on the 17th (and the 18th for some like me) and the 28th. A bit of break after that and then again on June 7. Well that's just about it, till Summer break comes in. Such holidays don't exist in the Philippines and while I was working there I didn't have like 31 (or is it 32?) days of paid leaves (plus all those mentioned above) to which I now have trouble scheduling (because aside from the paid leaves I also have to offset my overtimes by taking guess what --leaves). I had like 12 days of paid leave and long hours of work plus overtime that is of course unpaid and forgotten. I don't know how many public holidays we have but I'm sure it wasn't much either. Then again, how come I feel that I actually don't have much time in my hands right now? Always rushing, unable to do phone calls and no time to meet friends and organize something.


Chateau said...

Hey, too bad you didn't stay long enough to experience GMA's holiday economics! She always changed/ rescheduled (no matter how absurd that sounds) holidays so that they coincided with longer weekends, enabling families to spend money on hotels, malls, getaways. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it (esp. when hubby and I have tons of work to do at the office and well, we have no choice but to pay double for the workers to come in on a holiday.)

vlado&toni said...

Yup that I wasn't able to experience otherwise I could have gotten more chance to go back home to smell the pine trees.