Wednesday, April 4

Images from my trip

Here are a few pictures from my trip.

Here is just a typical street in Stockholm, nothing much to it except the big colorful buildings actually. Anyway, I just like taking pictures of streets I visit. It gives me quite a big idea how the country is. And here is the other side of the
street,it is actually along the harbour. There you go .. boats and more boats! Oh and more water of course!

I did see a moose but he didn't have antlers. Look at him just enjoying the sun. This is like my cat on some lazy, sunny days.

Enjoying the sun!
Sorry for my long absence in the Blogosphere,I didn't have much the energy to do some posts. I guess I was tired from walking almost unendless in the nice city of Stockholm although I could have taken the bus actually in some of my sightseeing. There was one time though where my friend and I tried to save time going to the park of Skansen and took the bus, well what do you know the bus driver gave us a free ride! We wanted to pay after telling him our stop and he just shooed us to our places and gave us a smile. Hey didn't I tell you that the Swedes are friendly people?
You can click on the pictures for a larger image if you want to. The collage for example is really nice.

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