Sunday, July 29

Vacation and meows

Almost all set for our trip tomorrow to Santorini, even Baghira the cat is also set for his holiday at the cat pension. This time he would be sharing it with 2 dogs, 2 cats and some goldfishes. We hope he will have a blast, the good thing is - he is the biggest among all the other creatures although actually he doesn't have any teeth and is the oldest with almost 16 years behind him.

Poor guy the second he saw his transport box, he flew like a speeding bullet away from it. Now he's very anxious , he knows we will be taking him away soon. I hope it would not be too stressful for him this time because the last time we picked him up from his old "cat hotel" he didn't have any voice left from too much meowing. I guess he didn't like having a big room all for himself. This cat is really very social and likes to have people and other creatures around him.
Last picture taken before we all head for our respective vacations. The V. and I were just playing around with my phone but the shot look so sweet because Baghira was posing as well as seen on this picture. Isn't he sweet?


Gattina said...

Lol ! very sweet picture of the 3 of you ! Poor Baghira, it's a pity that you don't have kind neighbors who could feed him while you are away. For that I am really lucky. My neighbor comes over 3 times per day to keep them company.

vlado&toni said...

you are very lucky indeed to have such good neighbors!