Thursday, October 18


Thank you very much everyone for the birthday greetings, sms, cards and calls. Considering the fact that I might have forgotten your birthdays this year or the other year, you still were all so nice to me and greeted me. My memory is really very bad although I have a birthday calendar to remind me of the birthdays, unfortunately I always forget to look at it.
Anyway, more news this side of the globe. The V. and I decided to start looking for a new dwelling. We really like where we live at the moment, the neighbors are really very nice and helpful and the surroundings clean, quiet and beautiful (near the forest). However it has come to The V's attention that we might a bit afford our own home and be our own landlords than just hand out the check to our dear Mr. B. (the Landlord) monthly. Well for this rent we could be paying our own mortgage. But looking for a house is a lot of work!!! Especially if you have a budget and two left hands. Some houses are really nice but needed a lot of extra work. Well labor costs a lot here so that would mean more expenses. I'll keep you posted on this development in my future entries. In the meantime we have three appointments this Saturday, wish us luck! Who knows we might find our future home this weekend.
Well that would be all for now. I wish you all a happy weekend!


Gattina said...

How wonderful !! So you jump in the not so cold water ! Good idea ! And it's very nice that you look for an already built house. We had it built and I can tell you never again ! What a mess and stress. At least when it's ready you see what it is and not only on a so nice looking plan !
I wish you good luck and report to us asap !

A. said...

Good luck with house hunting. It should be worth it in the end. You may be lucky and find the right one straight away, but if not, don't be downhearted. Sometimes it takes time.

captain lifecruiser said...

That sounds like a lot of fun - to look for a new home. Sometimes it takes time to find the right one, but sometimes you just know at once that this is IT!

Good luck in the haunting :-)

Gattina said...

I am quite busy with the Exposition of my painting group, yesterday was vernissage and today I will be there again the whole day ! You can see it on my blog !

Chateau said...

hey, that's exciting news! I hope you find the perfect home. Good luck with the hunt.keep us updated ha. Nakakaexcite naman!