Sunday, October 21

Project House

Project House was good this weekend. Although we waited long for the agents/owner out in the cold, two of the houses are interesting. The third house though really need a total make over. I don't know but those little notes on renovation that is written on the bottom of the advertisement can be really decieving! You'll never know what the reality is until you see it and touch it. The V. would ask again for a second appointment this week so we can take a detailed look at it with some of our friends who are more experienced with the technical details of a house.
This is really interesting and a bit tiring sometimes because our weekends are quite taken over with those appointments.
Well that's all for the update on the house.
Last Friday evening still as a part of my birthday celebration The V. and I watched a Variety Show at the Tigerpalast. It was a wonderful show, with music, acrobats, dances etc. It was 101% entertainment. What I also really liked about this evening was the fact that there weren't smokers beside me or in the room. Smokers in Germany are not allowed to smoke inside any food/entertainment establishment (sorry for the smokers reading my post) anymore . Some time this October, the government finally set the bill into practice and smokers are only allowed to smoke in a designated, closed and separate area (if there is any). Who would have thought this would be a reality? The V thought this could only happen in a million years in Germany or at least in 10 years but it happened sooner than usual. So I enjoyed the show smoke free. We also drank coffee before that and it was also in a smoke free cafe (unfortunately the place was a bit empty despite the live music because the smokers who like their coffee with cigarettes are not there). Well I miss those guys I just don't miss the smoke.


captain lifecruiser said...

We have had that non smoking restrictions for quite a while now and it seem to work well. Of course, it's a bit difficult for the smokers, but I think of the staff that has to work in that environment every day, long hours! It can't be healthy, it's like being a big smoker.

Good luck with the house investigations, it can be quite much to do around it, but I'm sure you find something soon anuway :-)

Pssst. Don't forget to put up Your Oddly Ghost Post tomorrow, Tuesday, for the cyber cruise Halloween celebrations - or just enjoy others :-D

Gattina said...

Looking for a house to buy is so exciting ! It's only a pity that they don't allow you to spent 24 h in there to see all the things which don't work !
Non smoking law is here already since a year and in Italy two years already In the UK and Holland too. But they are much more strict than in Germany ! Here in some Restaurants you have a closed room only for smoking not for food or you can smoke outside in a heated tent (a lot of caf├ęs do this) But in England even this is not allowed and in Italy either ! When we were stopping in Germany (Bavaria) on our trip to Italy I was so surprised that you still could smoke in some places and in our hotel there was even a part of the restaurant reserved to smokers (that doesn't exist here) So I guess in Germany they are still quite cool with smokers compared to other European countries ! Poor me !! I smoke, lol !

Gattina said...

Thanks for the comments I see you are still "house hunting" Tomorrow in one week I will be sitting in the plane to Hurgadah in Egypt (red sea) escaping the cold !!