Thursday, November 15


Winter is quite early this year with a few snow, minus temperature and frost. I don't remember last year's November like this so I checked my entry last year and the November two years ago. Two years ago was the weather really wonderful and last year's entry just reminded what I have to do this coming week which I am not at all looking forward to - again the Punch evening with the parents (in short alcohol drinking made of rum, wine, with fruit juices and lots of sugar ). Some of the parents who signed up put a note that they will start to come after 9:30 p.m. - so that means they will miss the Happy Hour Specials or what??? To think we the teachers have to work the next day starting at 7:30 a.m. I wonder why the parents don't think about what might happen to their kids if the teachers go to work with hang overs and splitting headaches !!! What a weird, distorted, complicated kindergarden it is, don't you agree so?
Aside from that I am quite excited this weekend - I will be having a little corner, exactly 3 meters at the flea market this coming Sunday. I am not a good flea market buyer because I cannot bargain or haggle at all. I wonder how it will be to stand at the other side of the flea market. I guess I might be shocked how cheap those people will pay for my stuff and all sort of things I wish I'm not getting rid of but I just can't have so much of them. I'm sure it will be an exciting day. I will try to document it through my phone camera.


Gattina said...

Don't worry with your punch evening, parents will also have hangovers and bring the children later, lol ! Flea market is wonderful I have done that twice and had so much fun ! Haggeling is fun I had to do it everyday for everything in Egypt, except in the hotel of course ! I am back since yesterday night from 30° to - 2° brrrr and still with one foot in Egypt ! Our holidays were so wonderful that now I have the blues !

Toni said...

Oh yes, I know about the blues after a nice holiday, that happens to me a lot too..unfortunately no cure for that, but i'm sure mr. gattino has missed you a lot so i'm sure he's very happy to have you back.

lifecruiser said...

I'm no good when it comes to haggle prices either, but luckily Mr Lifecruiser is very good at it :-)