Sunday, November 18

To Sell Or Not To Sell That Is The Question

Look for me in the maddening flea market crowd!! Your prize - one of the so many left over stuff I wasn't able to sell.
What an exciting Sunday afternoon, I had my first ever own stall at the Flea Market!!! The people came with excitement full of adrenalin - buying, bargaining or just looking and touching the goods without an end as if they will bring them luck. It was fun to stay at the other end of the table for once and get shocked at the outrageous prices the people wanted for my treasures. So I brought them home with me again and will happily return them to their original places.
At first I even didn't even know how much I would sell the items. It was even fun to just say a price and see how far it will get down. Now I know that those sellers in Egypt that Gattina spoke about in her blog must have enjoyed all that haggling too. One woman haggled so much with me I was just really entertained with her stories and gave her a bag for 25 cents. The story went from her being such a poor lady, not having much money and would just want to give her niece/daughter/neighbor/friend some joy. Of course I saw her later with three bags full of goodies. A woman was so crazy with my puma hiking shoes she showed it to her whole family, neighbors and friends but I admire her discipline she didn't buy my shoes because she wanted it for 2 Euros only! Of course I brought my shoes home with me, I was willing to give it to her for at least 4 euros. Nevertheless I should learn from this woman. Her self discipline is extra ordinary.

I didn't know that it would be this much fun to sell stuff at the flea market. I even met new people and even got a small gift from one of the sellers too.


Chateau said...

Wow, it must have been fun! I'm getting my own stall too this weekend at the christmas tiangge in our village...will be selling the flying rav's goods! oh she has lots of real nice stuff, new ones... sayang, no FRA flight in sight! :(

Toni said...

Naku, it was really fun and hilarious at the same time, katawa mga bargaining tactics ng people. Yup, The V was also asking me about flying rav, sayang talaga. Christmas season pa naman, again the christmas goodies. Did I tell you he even brought some stuff for you last time? Kaso we had to consume it because we learned about the London flights. well till next time.

Gattina said...

You see ! I told you it's a lot of fun and for both sides. Haggeling should never be taken seriously but with a lot of humor and stories. I always enjoy it very much and my friend Ilona even became better than I she invented the most amazing stories ! One of the jewelery shop owners repaired her a golden bracelet for nothing and even had to add a new piece, she charmed him so much that he melted !
BTW Ameisenscheisse is a very nice word, what about Schneckenscheisse ? It's longer ! (in both senses word and what you see !)