Sunday, December 16

early christmas gift

Good news! We finally got the keys to our new home!!! Isn't it exciting? However we cannot move in yet because it has to be renovated (walls, flooring and kitchen). Plus we cannot leave our rented apartment till end of March. Well we can leave of course but we have to pay the rent and renovate it too. That means we technically have two houses at the moment. Well we hope we find enough helpers and good contractors. We are thinking of doing some ourselves and hiring some for the other tasks. Labor costs too much and I just hope some of my connections at the Kindergarden will turn out fine (I keep a mental note what kind of jobs fathers and mothers do - who knows I might need them one of these days!)
Aside from that The V's parents just arrived today. They are quite excited and happy about spending Christmas in Germany. They are looking forward to seeing some of the Weihnachtsmarkt (christmas markets) which reminds me to write about it soon as part of my supposed to be Chrismas Entries.


sueisfine said...

congrats Vlado & Toni! must be really exciting...

wish you guys happy holidays & a happy new year.

greetings from Singapore,
Su, Dan & Anisha

Gattina said...

Now I know why you had disappeared from Blogworld, it's because of your inlaws ! You become very posh to have two places to live in, lol ! Finding contractors is not so easy I was lucky I have polish contractors who can do everything and they are very very good, much better then the Belgian once. And at least they still know what the word "work" means ! They have done all renovations we had to do in our house.

Gattina said...

Merry Christmas to you !
I have put the most important French Christmas song on my Writer Cramps blog. Every french speaking country knows that. I learned it with my son, lol !