Saturday, March 15

Moving time

We'll be moving today and that means a lot of work! Hopefully everything works out well. Unfortunately there would be no kitchen yet till the next 2 months too. Well we ordered it last December and it turned out that the people are incompetent. After almost 3 months they found out that nobody ordered the kitchen actually, after lying to us all the time that the delay was due to just an that means we are back from the very beginning. We need to order a new kitchen again, of course we are not buying it from the incompetent Quelle, the kitchen company that is so unfit. They just lost €8,000 from us and of course I shall be telling people about this awful experience so they would lose more business than that. Well that's what I learned about Marketing - 1 unsatisfied customer is equivalent to at least 10 unsatisfied customer.
There has been some problems with our internet provider too so we will be changing to a new one. Let's see if they will be quick. So that's all for now, will be back sometime soon.


Gattina said...

That's disgusting !! I have never bought anything at Quelle, I prefer Neckermann. If you have an Ikea around, look there for a kitchen, I saw very nice once last week very good quality/price and they also can put it up for you. I have been there to buy 2 new matrasses and a bed after having checked all shops here around. Ikea was the best.
Good luck for your moving !! We moved in our house on April 2, 1975 and it snowed !!

vlado&toni said...

hello gattina, we tried ikea but it didn't work out with the specifications i wanted. we finally ordered a new one last saturday, i don't know if you know the company -- Reddy K├╝che. They seem competent and some of our friends have it so we'll give it a try. (hopefully it works this time)