Saturday, April 5

I'm back

Hello dear fellow bloggers and friends. I'm back after hibernating for more than 3 weeks, we finally have internet . Well it still is not working out well for The V's computer but so far this one is turning out well. Nothing much has happened except we now live between boxes and furniture everywhere. There is not yet a descent room in the new house but hopefully this will change in the next few days. The only disadvantage to moving to a new abode is that some of the furniture don't seem to fit where they used to be. We really don't want to buy new ones because we just bought them less than 2 years ago when we moved to our last apartment. Little did we know that we would be moving within the next few months.
Good news though we finally ordered a kitchen and well if it works out well we will have one after 8 weeks - that would be some time end of May... hmm I think I should make a count down for it. At the moment, we live on dinner invites, take outs and microwaveble food. So far it's nice to know that we have such nice friends inviting us for a home cooked meal once in a while.

We had a nice move without casualties and very little damage to some of our stuff. We have really good friends who helped us with the move and . Here are even some pictures how adventurous and dangerous they can be. Some glasss of spices, exotic sauces and oils got broken along the way and some indoor plants stayed too long outside.. I didn't even think we would get snow again after having such blue skies. Guess I counted my blessings too soon. This is so far the most snow we got this year and it is supposed to be spring now.
Here's a picture of a friend who is a bit crazy and wacky, he transported a shelf with his car open like this and with even some curtain rods hanging. Good thing we were moving only about 7 kilometers from the apartment. No damage or accidents in the end.

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Gattina said...

Ah ! your are finally back and alive !! Don't worry every day a little bit and suddenly it's all done ! I remember when we moved into our house on April 2, 1975 (!!) it was snowing heavily ! I even was afraid that our furniture would be damaged. It also was awfullly cold and I had no oven to heat up the food and milk for 2 year old son ! Late in the evening a friend came and fixed it. We also did our moving with friends. That your kitchen is not there yet is also nice in some way, you don't have to cook, lol !