Tuesday, March 4

New Job

I finally decided to document my adventures into the new job. I'm doing fine and learning new things everyday and of course getting adjusted into the new rhythm of the new system. It's amazing how fast the time goes by. The class has lots of activities during the day. I haven't look at my wrist watch this much as this week and last week. There's gym, music, german, circle and other activities in between. Whew!!! Anyway, if you want to read more about it you can check by clicking this Toni's New Job or just type and paste this on your browser http://myotherclassroom.blogspot.com/
That would be all for now. I am busy packing some boxes and decided to do some blogging in between. Have a nice week everyone! Mine has started a bit chaotic, losing the school's master key (had it only for the 2nd day), packing some boxes and hunting for the lost digicam amidst the tower of boxes. Hope it gets better from here.


sueisfine said...

you could have been anisha's teacher! :-D
good luck on your new job, im sure you'll do well.

RennyBA said...

Thanks for keeping us posted - good luck with your new job and have a wonderful weekend :-)

jen said...

yah...i know you're quite hectic the past weeks... months... anyway, hope for the best! i'll keep on praying for you, girl... i have a new site... you'd be surprise to see that i'm a lot happier now! see you around, girl! mwah... take care!