Wednesday, May 28

Cakes etc.

I've been busy this week sorting out some recipes from my cook books for some recipes of cakes and muffins/cupcakes. I must admit I still have a lot to learn when it comes to baking. Last night I tried to make lemon muffins out of real lemon and joghurt. The recipe was really good but the result was a bit .. hmmm weird tasting, a bit gummy like. Oh well, I tried a chocolate cake recipe from a mom at work.. that turned out pretty well, in fact I brought it to work and my colleague brought the rest home. I don't know if they were just being polite but they said it was yummy - a bit heavy though. It's really chocolate, chocolate cake - you can probably imagine it. By the way if you have any good and tested recipe, why not email me some? I'll be happy to have them-
You might be wondering, what's with the baking? I know I'm excited about my new high tech oven but that's just not the reason. We have a big fund raising event at church on Sunday and we are supporting one of our friends who's going as a missionary to Lebanon. We plan to sell those cakes and sweets after the service and raise some funds for her first month there. Missionaries don't get any salary and even have to raise their own living allowance through donation from friends, church or their own hard earned savings. Interesting right? There are different kinds of missionaries, there are those who do medical missions,accounting work, technical jobs and so on and so forth. Our friend would most likely work in a school or clinic for children with special needs. She is an occupational therapist. This will sort of be her cover while living there.
By the way, in case you have read my post about the surprise party I was organizing for a dear friend, well it turned really well. I really enjoyed organizing the party. I would love to do one again next time.


raqgold said...

good luck with your baking. i almost always use those ready mix pero kahit na, minsan palpak din, waaa. in our KIGA we sell cakes every fornight to generate some money, and it's doing good. kaya good luck with your projact! oh and i have always bake a cookie that always sell, esp sa mga moms. will look for the recipe if you want it?

vlado&toni said...

raggold - thanks i really need all the luck i can get :) advance thanks for the recipe too.

Our Love Story said...

wow! i used to bake cakes... i remember i baked a chocolate cake but its more like a brownies ahehe! goodluck in your baking career!!! : )

doris said...

hi toni
i have a peanut butter choc chips cookies recipe and carrot cake recipe (this has become my signature cake actually)... i'll email them to you..
but if you're lazy.. the Betty Crocker ready mix ones are good.. do you have them there?

Toni said...

thanks doris in advance for the recipe. nope, we don't have betty crocker recipes
yes, jen, i do need all the luck i can have :)