Monday, May 12

Greetings from The V.

The V. was changing his winter clothes to spring/summer clothes(yup such is life when you live in a country with 4 seasons) when he stumbled upon this gift from our dear friend Ayu who comes from Singapore. The V. felt almost like a local Malay/Indonesian despite him being an "orang putih" (white guy). Doesn't he look cool? He loves wearing it actually.
Our long weekend was spent working (again) at home, unpacking boxes and sorting them out. The hardest part of moving is really the unpacking. We might as well get rid of those boxes and get a whole set of new stuff, wouldn't that be great.
As of the moment we haven't heard anything about the kitchen. I'm still hoping that we'll get the call this week and it will be installed within the next 2 weeks. I would love to empty those boxes in the living room and put the contents all in the soon to come cupboards. Oh well wish me luck dear friends and fellow bloggers out there. I am just tired of take away food and microwaveable meals.


chateau a.k.a. imom said...

Ack, my first comment did not go through. I was saying...
Bagay ni V ang Asian version of the kilt, hehe..

Good luck with the kitchen I hope it comes soon. I could not imagine living on takeaway food and microwaveable meals for several weeks!

jen said...

haha, that's really cool toni... good job on taking a pic of vlado in that really cool and hip attire!

take care... i missed you a lot! i hope everythings doing well with you and vlado!Godbless

Gattina said...

Hi, I write you from Greece the keyboard is awful, for the first time in my life I can t even read the street names it's all in greek letters ! I'll answer when I am back even Google is in greek letters and I can only guess were I have to click !

eyna said...

akala ko ung sa scotland. kulang na lang bagpipes lol.

ay te! nag tatagalog blog na ko ulit. binalik ko ung dati. buti na lang sinave ko ung mga articles. so un may bubutingtingin na naman ako paminsan minsa hehe. dalaw ka ha? para di langawin ahahahaha.

excited na ko marinig ang tungkol sa kitchen nyo. pag dumating na, kailangan bisitahin ka na namin para maka-lafang hahahaha.

Lifecruiser said...

Ah, just wonderful! It almost looks like he is wearing a Scottish kilt :-)

So, naturally my question is: he wearing anything under it...? *giggles*