Sunday, May 11

New Home, New Tasks

Since we don't live in a flat anymore but in a house, there are new things we haven't actually thought of - till recently. Take for example a garden , a garden that needs care and a lawn that needs mowing - in short a lawn mower - The V. wanted to get something really simple, good old lawn mower without extras just something with sharp blades, no extra machine in it. We, after all just have a small garden (just till the fence). To cut the story short, a "normal" lawn mower isn't that easy to find. After a number of trips looking for the right one (which nevertheless is too modern and high tech for our small backyard) The V found one. Now our neighbors don't have to look away when they see the grass growing too high!! I have a feeling that some people in our neighborhood ar obsessed with their gardens.
See how happy he is?? By the way, see that bush behind him? Can't wait for them to grow and ripe, those are bushes of red currants and raspberries - yummy!
Well gardening is not that easy as it seems, those weeds are growing everywhere and our front yard needs a new look.. all I see now is bush,bush and more bush! It was beautiful during the start of spring but now it has become a jungle! Will post it next time.
We are having a long weekend again, it's a public holiday here - Pentecost. We are of course enjoying it, the weather has been fantastic :) and just to make you all envious, we have another long weekend coming up! I love May!


chateau a.k.a. imom said...

This is a chance for you to test your thumbs, hehe. (are they green or brown? LOL)

jen said...

nothing is better than taking care of your own home... it makes me happy also everytime i clean our house... (though i sweat a lot)!

nice lawn there... take care!

Lifecruiser said...

So, now you know what to do with your spare time ;-)

Ah, it looks just perfect! Not too big, but yet with some space!