Sunday, May 4

Happy Long Weekend

The long weekend is almost over now but it was worth it, the weather has been fantastic and we really made the most out of it. I know we need to do some work inside the house but you'll be a fool to ignore the wonderful sunshine!! So the boxes are still there (much to The V's disappointment, we didn't do much this weekend, I hope I can make it up to him during the week). I took this picture on the way to visit a friend and it was just beautiful to see all those Rapeseed plantation or Raps in german which has become a bit controversial the last few months. They (means the government ) thought the plants are environmentally friendly and a good replacement for crude oil to run cars and machines, but in the long run this plant takes the place of wheat fields resulting to wheat shortage! More and more farmers are planting Rapeseed because of the tax cuts and financial bonuses and in the long run it is the consumers who have to pay more for everything. In the mean time the price of gasoline doesn't get low at all but even higher.

OK back to the weekend - as I have told you it's hard to resist the nice weather, especially if you have a beautiful park just like this across the street. The white tower belongs to the castle. I can almost see this tower from my kitchen window - two trees are blocking some of the view so I can't see all of it. But I know it is just right there in front of me while I do the dishes in my not yet but soon to be installed kitchen ( with soon I hope this month, please cross your fingers for me)

I haven't been up the tower yet but I plan to do one of these days. The park is beautiful with lots of birds, ducks and geese. Here's even a family who's amazingly friendly. They didn't even move when I took this picture. There are also different kinds of flowers and plants which I will show you in my future posts.

While walking along the park today, I thought we were almost in one of those hollywood movies - nice weather, nice live romantic music in the background, coffee and cake for the hungry and all smiling faces of strangers. I just love Spring! It makes people so happy and before the walk ended, I saw this quite amusing tree. Don't forget to click the picture to take a closer look if you don't see them.

Those are not monkeys but ???
Anyway, wishing you all a nice week and what do you know, just a full week this week and next week is again a happy weekend´... can't wait for it :)


Gattina said...

That's so true ! I also feel like reborn in spring ! The area where you now live looks very nice ! What about your garden ? I suppose you have one too now ? I moved my "office" on the terrace, installed my laptop there and am blogging while watching birds, cats and my neighbor's dog ! It smells soo good. For me it could last the whole year like that.

tutubi philippines said...

how's it like inside a castle? i'm a fan of medieval era places

Chateau said...

Ang ganda ng park. I'd like to climb that tower too, parang napaka mysterious and rich with history.

Toni said...

hello tutubi, i'll post one about castles soon, the problem with them is you're not allowed to take pictures inside- they want to sell their postcards!!! and i don't have a scanner-nevetheless hope it will give you an impression how it is. it's a bit eerie sometimes knowing that the building has a lot of history behind it but also fascinating. imagine you are in a building 500 years old /er? !!that's a lot older than the philippines!!!

jen said...

the place is so inviting, toni! i only see those in t.v! not in real life, yet! hehehe

have a happy life always!