Sunday, June 15

Frankfurt Marathon

I went to watch Sex and the City with a friend last Wednesday. I thought it was a nice movie, funny and sentimental in some of the scenes, of course there's a lot about shoes and men and talk about sex. But hey, I want to have a nice, light evening and enjoy a movie. Not think about serious politics and argue about world peace.

Well that wasn't the highlight of my evening in Frankfurt - there was a marathon in the city known as JP Morgan Chase Marathon which had 73,719 participants! It was a 5 kilometer marathon.

It was interesting to watch all these runners with their colourful t-shirts and gear. Each participant was sponsored by his company, so each of the runner wore a different attire. Some companies have 10 people, some 2o and more , some just about 5.
While watching the happy or tired faces of the runners I can't help but overhear their conversation.
Runner 1: ..exhaling, inhaling really hard.. "i'm so tiiiii....reeed...".looking around nervously., left, right.. almost out of breath talking to runner 2 "are we theeeerrrrreeee yet?"
Runner 2: .."exhaling, inhaling really hard and almost out of breath... "no, no, mc donald's is on the next turn
Me: What??? hahahahahhaahha, my friend and I had a blast laughing. I thought these runners are here for a good cause.
And here's another one....
Runner 1: talking to runners 2,3,4,5,6 "Ok, now I'm going to the corner and you better look real good."
Me: Hmmmm, I wonder what he's up to
Runner 1: goes to the corner, takes something from his belt bag in a flash. Suddenly a small hand held video camera is produced and shouting to runners 2-6 "ok, all set!" (bear in mind he does this with thousands of people behind him, there's danger he might be run over by the crowd)
Runners 2,3,4,5,6: panting, waving, , posing, giving that exhausted look to the camera
Runner 1 : "ok now me" in a flash giving his video camera to runner 6 and assuming position with runners 2,3,4,5 now panting, waving, posing, giving that exhausted look to the camera
Me: thinking to myself - "all for the love of pictures" and while in the midst of this thought a man walked past me.

Me: "What the??? "
A participant of the marathon just walked past me, or should I say nordic walked past me, with those 2 long poles along with him. I thought marathons are runned not walked. Well I guess I was wrong, I'm just wondering if those 2 long poles haven't hurt anyone.

Too bad our movie had to start so we run off to the cinema with barely a few minutes left, otherwise there would have been more stories.


raqgold said...

hahahaha, sarap maki eavesdrop talaga ano? pero panalo yung naka video, walang takot! alam mo bang one time pa lang ako naka bisita sa frankfurt and that was not even in the city! aside of course sa airport :D

lilaybulilay said...

hahah my friend was one of them, and she called me while shes doing it..ang ingay sa location grabe. btw, i post the red currant jam recipe on your comment =P

raqgold said...

weee, meron akong ka-EB nung saturday dyan sa FRA city (finally, nakarating din) and andyan din daw sya nung marathon! sempre naligaw ligaw kami!

Toni said...

:raggold - haha ako rin naliligaw pa rin don kahit almost 4 years akong daily nag commute don kasi wala akong sense of direction and orientation eh :( hope nag enjoy ka naman don.
:lilaybulilay - thanks ha.yummy ang jams kaaliw, now i'm waiting for my raspberries naman.