Wednesday, June 25

summer break

Finally, the long awaited summer holiday starts today :) And what do you know it started with a lot of rain too.. well I don't really mind it because this means I don't need to water the plants and I can also save on some water because we have 2 big drums to gather rain water.
We don't have any plans for any summer getaway at the moment so we might actually just stay home and do some trips around our region. This is after all our first summer ever in our new home.


Speaking of trips, The V and I would be going to an out of town trip tomorrow. However is it a very sad journey as we would be going to a funeral. A friend of ours passed away last Friday. She was just 37 years old and full of life. She had pulmonary hypertension which actually resulted from a normal flu/cough. She said there are only a thousand patients in the whole of Germany with this disease. Germany has an 80 million population.



kayni said...

Hi Toni, I'm new to your blog. What caught my attention was your template. I think it's really cool. Hope to hear more about your adventures there in Germany.

Anonymous said...

oh toni, here's hugs to you. i hope you have a nice trip despite the sad reason though.

Toni said...

thanks kengkay for the hug. it was a nice, solemn funeral.
hi kayni, glad you liked the template. it took me a long time to finally find this one. come again some time.