Sunday, June 29

More about red currants

This is another post about red currants, I finally got creative and found some ways to make use of them.
I took the courage to make my own red currant jam. It didn't seem to be hard at all, I was encouraged by some of my blog friends and colleagues. Thank you again for the tips and recipes. I had some strawberries left from the strawberry picking field trip we had with the kids at school and decided to put them in too. This was not included in the recipe but I thought they are both berries and would probably be a good mix.
Jam making does need a bit of patience, because you need to continuously stir the fruits the whole time. It took me more than an hour because I really didn't know how much time it needs. It says in all the recipe I got from friends and in the internet, "let it boil until it thickens." But it really didn't get thick at all or so I thought. Actually after 90 minutes or so I decided to just give up and put them in jars. I left some on a small bowl to see if it thickens, well after it cooled down it thickened of course. Simple chemistry which I have forgotten of course - silly me! So I put them in small, nice jars and voila - don't they look lovely?? They are very yummy too! The V told me that fruits that are a tart and sour make the best jellies and jams. This is what he learned from his grandmother. I gave them as lovely gifts to friends. It's nice to bring them when you're invited for dinners. I thought I would make enough to give to a lot of friends but it turned out I didn't even make enough. Well till my next jam making sessions of course. I am currently harvesting raspberries. So there will be more post about that.

Of course I still had more red currants left and we had some visitors yesterday for lunch and coffee. Well what do you know I found this red currant muffins recipe from recipe zaar - they are so yummy and really good for summer. They are healthy, fruity, refreshing and so moist, it almost melts in your mouth. It must be that buttermilk in it. I followed the recipe as it is and didn't change anything at all. I think my meringue wasn't perfect but it was nevertheless super yummy. It just melts in your mouth. Try it for yourself.


chateau aka imom said...

Wow! Ang galing mo na talaga sa kitchen! Vlado must feel so lucky!
Nakakagutom ang muffins-they look so yummy.
And your jars of jam look lovely too. Wow ha, bow ako sa patience mo! :D

Toni said...

Ading chats, - Haha, I think I am discovering the creative side of me - kuno :) my co teacher said I have the makings of Betty Crocker daw. Because I brought a cake and a bottle of jam to work.

kayni said...

lovely, they all look delicious. i love the cute jars for the jams. send me some, please =).

Gattina said...

That looks delicious ! I just stop by to say hello, we had an awful trip to Wurzburg (a little after) I didn't think of holidays so the streets were packed ! From Frankfurt on it was the catastrophe ! Plus all these crazy football fans going to Vienna. It took us 10 h for 600 km ! I already supposed that Germany lost because I couldn't hear anything yesterday night, lol !
I could see Frankfurt from far, I should really go there once, it was my birthplace after all !

sueisfine said...

your jam & muffins look really nice & yummy!
my MIL makes loads of preserves in the summertime too :-)

Toni said...

kayni - yes the jars are so cute, they are actually more expensive than the contents -weird :) i should have told the friends who got the gift to not throw the jars for next year :)

gattina - hey we should have met to have some coffee in frankfurt. schade :( next time let me know when you in the area. yup you are right it was a quiet evening - the whole neighborhood were so sad after the game

sue - oh you must really miss those yummy jams. summertime is really great with all its fruits.

lilaybulilay said...

hmmmmm yummmm