Tuesday, July 1

Back to school

Back to school again but thank goodness only for a week. Well so far it went well. I got to work with the other kids because we actually call the program summer school and have only a limited slot of 25 kids. However, it was super hot and sticky today - the forecast said about 34-36 celsius. .. one of the classrooms in our school (or kindergarden technically) has even an aircondtion! I think we are the first school ever in this region to have one (or even in the country- who knows). What privileged children (and teachers too) !

Aside from that there is nothing much going around here. The V and I don't have definite plans about our summer - maybe we will go somewhere or anywhere or maybe even visit friends around.

I was looking for a recipe yesterday when I landed on this page:
It's really interesting you can find recipes, tips with a step by step video instruction. I learned how to prune roses , make chicken tikka masala, get rid of my cellulite (hmmm if that works?), how to striptease (hey that can be useful) and so much more. This is really interesting, I mean not just the striptease (*wink*wink) but the whole site. So many things to learn.. so little time.

If you like to watch films, tv series from the states but can't wait till you can get a hold of them in your local television or moviehouse. You can take a look at this link:
It has a lot of movie, documentaries and different tv series streaming. Well careful, this can be addicting, if you are a couch potato like me.

And if you are a pinoy or a pinay but away from our home sweet home, the Philippines. You can get closer to it by going to this link:
You can watch news, telenovelas, movies and so much more.

That's it for now. Hope you can find some of the links useful.


Our Love Story said...

hi toni! long time no visit! am glad to hear that you're back in school! hmmm, it's raining here in the phil... facing lots of crisis... the sunken ship of sulpicio... the flash flood in iloilo... and the worst is the super gas price hike (hmppp)!!!

nway, have a wonderful day and exciting summer for u and vlado! godbless

lilaybulilay said...

gosh toni,thanks sa link you are an angel!!!!

raqgold said...

aircon sa kindergarten? wow naman, dito sa bandang amin ang may aircon lang yung mga grocery stores, erm, refrigerated section pala yon, hehehe

Toni said...

jen - well life is really like that sometimes - exciting and challenging. increasing fuel price is a major issue in all parts of the world now :( well even for those producing them because they have to look for new oil wells

lilay - glad you can find the links useful. o wag masyadong mag tv este mag computer pala :)

raq- ahahahaha :) yup sosyal eh. asa pa!!! however it's not our class, we only have an electric fan. yamot :(

kayni said...

yes, i'm a pinoy channel fan. i actually watch it at work too...lol. i hope they don't read this.

glad to know you're from baguio =).

toni said...

Hi Toni! I'm Toni. :D

I love videojug! Yep, so many recipes there. I don't do any of them but I like knowing that I can refer to it anytime I need some step-by-step help!

vlado&toni said...

hello toni, nice to meet you.
yup videojug is interesting and sometimes, the how to videos are so funny. if you want more recipes check this link:
i have gotten somes recipes there and they are really good! unlike cookbooks they are tested from other people and they give reviews.

kayni - i have another friend who does the same since i told her about the pinoy movies link, she said it would be my fault if she gets in trouble :)