Friday, July 4


I really don't have anything new to blog about but The V. is watching one of the movies from and my sister who I regularly chat with, this time of the evening is not online. So here I am.

Anyway, a funny thing happened the other day. My neighbor came and wanted to trim her hedge but was having a hard time cutting a part of it from her side so she ask me if she can come to my side and trim it. Of course I said she can come over. Well she didn't just cut that special corner but she started trimming the whole side. Even my part of the hedge! I didn't know what to say.. I just said thank you very much. At the back of my mind I was wondering if I should offer them a drink (there were 2 of them), chit chat more with them or just go inside and re-treat to my corner. Now I think I should have ask them if they want a drink. But my living room was in chaos because I just went to the grocery and bought a lot of things and they were all over! Oh well :( Moral of the story - always keep the house clean! Nevertheless, I chatted with them about plants and neighbors and work, etc. etc. I have a feeling older people like kindergarden teachers :) they always liven up when I tell them what I do. It probably reminds them of their grandchilren.

Speaking about children, we went to the castle nearby for a field trip. We took the train and the bus and my colleagues were so amazed with me! They were thanking me for organizing the whole trip. They thought I really know my way around the city with train time tables and bus connections. I told The V about it. This is the second time this happens. In my previous job - the ex colleagues also thought I know my way around whenever we do excursions with the kids. Well do you know how The V reacted? He laughed so hard!!! He said his famous bulgarian quotation " In the world of the blind, the one eyed person is the king." What a supportive (meaning sarcastic) husband :( ! Well can't blame him, do you know that I don't even know my right from my left. And north, east, west and south as well. But I do check online everything and do the necessary arrangements for a trip.


Layrayski said...

You must have great organizational skills!

Toni said...

yeah, maybe you're right. :) thanks layraski. have a nice day.

kayni said...

i do the same. i also plan my trips through online help. i am terrible at directions, but i could read a map very well. to make things easier, i do plan to get a gps soon; that's if i can save some i just spent a whole lot of money shopping this weekend.

Toni said...

hi kayni - yup a gps would be a good idea. well i can't also read maps :( i really get confused with my north, south, east and west just like with my right and left :( i am so disoriented :(