Friday, July 11

Old Singapore

Have you been to Singapore? Or have gone shopping or strolling in the Orchard Road? Well The V has bought a postcard for a dear singaporean friend of ours that he stumbled upon while shopping in Ebay. This card was written and sent to a Fraulein (Miss) in 1906 to Potsdam, Germany. The guy who sold the postcard said that this was Orchard Road that time. If you have been to Orchard Road, then you will see how it drastically changed throughout the hundred year. Then again, it is with almost every part of this world. It's just nice to have such proofs how it existed before.
It's weird that the card got to Potsdam because Germany wasn't written just the city. The postal system must have been more reliable that time than it is now :) The V. thought it must been sent through a ship bound to Germany. I wonder what is the story behind the Fraulein and the man who sent the card. We barely can't understand the handwriting except for a few words. Anyway, I think it is very romantic.


Layrayski said...

Wow. I love looking at old photos. Sounds romantic (The photo and the idea of lovers exchanging letters)! So glad you posted that.

kayni said...

The mystery of Fraulein...I, myself, still write letters to my friends and penpals. I think it's a dying tradition because most of us would rather send an e-mail than write. Letters in my mailbox always make me happy.

Toni said...

layraski - yes, old photos bring such a nostalgic flair to it. especially the black and white ones.

kayni - i know what you mean with finding letters in the mailbox. i love it too, i also write letters and cards to some friends of mine. i would rather have a birthday card than e card for example. yup it's a dying tradition :(

tutubi philippines said...

no sign of orchard road there :P
looks like rural philippines, malaysia and indonesia :P

RennyBA said...

Indeed it is romantic and thanks so much for sharing this treasure with us!

Yea, I've been to Singapore - more than 10 years ago. I stayed for three days on my way to Australia.

A very exotic city to a Norwegian of course and I even manage to have a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel :-)

Anonymous said...

you could find some precious postcards also in flohmarkts though i have to sneak when i buy them as my hubby doesnt like second hands things, hehe.

Toni said...

tutubi - yes you are right no sign of singapore at all in this postcard.

renny - :) how appropriate to drink a singapore sling in singapore. that must have been a wonderful vacation - hitting 2 countries at the same time. (singapore and australia)

kengkay - thanks a lot for the tip, there's an upcoming flea market soon, i should check it.

Gattina said...

Wow that's interesting ! I tried to read too but this old gothic script is hard to read ! I never learned it at school and only know a few letters. I have plenty of photo albums from my parents and grand parents which I can't read because it's all written in gothic.
What I could read was
"Herzliche Grüsse und Küsse Dein Gustav"
Underneath the text is missing on your picture.

Toni said...

hello gattina - wow i didn't read the kisses (küsse) part. that is just romantic. yes it was very hard to read because of the gothic script. we need a historian to read it for us :)

Artemis said...

ha ha, hard to imagine.. I quickly passed through Orchard Rd,.. but of course it's just natural that that was Singapore back then.. old Lee Kuan Yew has really done a great job!