Wednesday, January 7

First Encounters with a Blogger Friend

Although I haven't blogged for a long time in the last months, I am happy that my blogger friend Homeworked didn't forget me ;)
Yes for the first time in my blogger's life ( after blogging for almost 4 years now, I think I am rather slow in this field), I was able to meet a friend I met through blogging.
It was a wonderful meeting, both our families where with us and we had a nice family lunch. The V,, Raquel's hubby, her children MC and IC joined us as well. We talked about many things, like our lives here in Germany, exchanged stories over some of our friends in the blog world and shared a wonderful meal which we both prepared. I was also able to get to know my blog friend better and meet her family. It is indeed amazing how blogging has brought people together - me sharing my life to my friends and family through this blog and at the same time meeting and having new wonderful friends too.
I hope this is just the start of more meetings with blogger friends and that there will be more friendships out there awaiting me - yes I believe they are there just a couple of clicks away.


lilaybulilay said...

im so sad, i missed this event =(

Gattina said...

That's wonderful ! If ever you come near Brussels don't forget me !!

Kayni said...

you're so lucky. i still have to meet some or all of my blogger friends. i agree, blogging is such a wonderful way to meet new people who'd soon become friends.

Vlado&Toni said...

Hi Lilay - yes, too bad you cannot come. next time na lang ;)

Gattina - yes, of course. we will do that for sure or if you are on your way to somewhere again passing the frankfurt area you can visit me of course ;)

Kayni - yes, it is indeed a treat to meet a blogger friend in person ;)

lilaybulilay said...

my god bad homburg kalang pala ang lapit nyan dito samin, malimit kami sa Taunus Therme malapit ba kayo dun???

raqgold said...

uy, that's me and my family in those photos, hahaha

it's great to meet up with blogger friends ano? let's keep in touch. next time, our place :D

and am glad you got the use the cook book. share us the photos!

Toni said...

hello Lilay - naku we should see each other then ;) kung lapit ka lang dito

raqgold - yup, we will definitely keep in touch :) will share with you the photos later.. will post it soon ;)

cheh said...

hi toni,

salamat sa dalaw:) sensya na,ngayon lang ako nag katime mag ikot. Wow! I hope I could join next EB din with Raquel;)

Marami pa naman next time:)

cheh said...

Nice to meet you,BTW :) will link you up kapitbahay!

Vlado&Toni said...

Hello Cheh,

oo nga kapitbahay. welcome to my blog.. sige will link you up too.. yup, the more the merrier sa EB. ;)