Thursday, February 19

...break is over

It's Thursday and soon it's the weekend, I thought that I could do so many things on my one week break but time is too short. Nevertheless I was able to sleep longer :) starting tomorrow I have to start waking up early so it won't be too hard to wake up early. One week breaks are not so ideal- the moment you get used to the routine, then you need to break it and go back to the way life is.

So what did I do on my ski break?

1. Monday - can't really remember, oh yeah, called my mom, chatted online with sis and chatted online with bestfriend lala
2. Tuesday - had lunch with my preggy friend and watched a movie
3. Wednesday - went to see my godson and spent time with him watching Alvin the Chipmunks and playing Lotte Karotte.
4. Thursday - had dinner with friends
5. Friday - dental appointment, going to a bday party, having friends for the weekend.
6. & 7. Saturday and Sunday - will spend time with lovely friends, Eyna and Thomas
Wow, didn't know I accomplish a lot till I wrote this :) what a nice one week break :) now I'm contradicting myself


Kayni said...

That's a very good list. I'm glad you had a wonderful break. Although I understand the not so good feeling going back to work. I get that every time my weekend is over.

RennyBA said...

Sounds like you've had a great break, but I thought you said something about ski? :lol:

Layrayski said...

after vacation- is such a downer, no? Yep, sounds like you did a lot of important things. Bonding with family and friends is always great. =)

Rico said...

Just think of it this way: If you work really, really hard, you'll be retiring and having breaks for the rest of your life soon.

Toni said...

Kayni - yup,time flies when you're having fun :)

Renny - haha :) yup, this ski break has nothing much to do with ski or snow at all..but I'm sure i will be hearing of ski stories on Monday from the kids.

Layrayski - yup it turned out this week was really busy, i even didn't show up in some of the planned events.

Rico - hi there, nice to see you again :) well retiring is such a looooong way from here. unless i'll win in the next lotto?? :)