Saturday, February 21

A moment in the life of a dental patient

Had an appoinment with a new dentist today. The V. had this emergency with his tooth and this was the only dental practice that had a slot for him. He was quite pleased with the service so I decided to give it a try. Not that I love going to the dentist but it's one of those things I just can't ignore otherwise I'll have more problems waiting down the road
This dentist was really nice. I think he sensed my anxiousness ( i hate going to the dentist!!!) and was getting friendly with me. So first he checks my teeth..aha.. he says. Mrs. G don't worry, you seem to have good teeth BUT (this is the part I hate) we need to have it xrayed just to be sure (oh NO!did I not just say I hate going to the dentist???)

So I had my teeth xrayed and now we go to the moment I have been dreading since my last visit at the dentist's- Ta ran - the terminator! I recently give this evil machine this name because it is really a terminator (of cavities and all evil lurking in there). You know that instrument they put in there. I am sitting on that super upholstered chair which is supposed to make me comfortable - but whoever sits comfortable there with all the dread?? The dentist's assistant (DA)tells me that this procedure will take 45 minutes- (which felt like 4.5 hours in Toni's real life) and hands me a sort of eyeglasses to protect me from all that water

Me: Mouth open and the terminator comes....zzzhhhzzrrttttzzz, --tztztzttztzzzzzt. It's that machine with super high powered water pressure that goes to the tiny recessions of my teeth cavity.
DA: "raise a hand if you have a problem."
Me: thinks -I sure could raise my arms and legs too.But I tried to put up a fight and think of happy thoughts. Terminator whirls in my mouth and hurts and scares me so much ziiittttzzzzzsttttzzzzz tttttztttztztztz now I am thinking why didn't they think of putting up a 3D video with this eyeglasses, so at least I can escape this moment???!!!
DA: gives me a motivational speech "oh Mrs. G, you are doing well, tough girl you are, just a few more minutes and you've survived it."
Me: huh? a few more minutes . Me thinks. I am a woman and if women can give birth to babies and endure the pain, I can do this, tried to smile with mouth open to DA.
DA: " ok, almost done, now we are getting to the nice part. this is really pleasant, no pain Mrs. G it will polish your teeth"
Me: relieved but noticed immediately "What the???? this is Terminator 2..machine goes zzttztzzzszsz ztttztztztz .

So finally Step 4 and 5 were done and yes, it might have been the nicest parts to this story. Terminator finally left me .

Step 6
Back with the dentist. He gives me again an assuring smile. Oh Mrs- G. isn't that nice, can you feel the difference? You've survived it. Everthing seems to be fine - (then it dawns on me. hey I use this tone when I talk to the children and encourage them when something awful is going to come) Now let's go over to the xray pictures of your teeth.

Psycho music fades in --------


Layrayski said...

I had my molar pulled last month and I get you about the "tone." =)

Kayni said...

Nice play by play coverage of your dentist adventure. I saw my dentist last month, and no cavities. I'm very happy with that.

Our Love Story said...

ahahaha! toni, that's great! u've survived the terminator! oh, i hate that part too... but really, it makes a difference... it feels different... parang ayaw ko na kumain everytime nagpapalinis ako ng teeth... hehehe!

what else can i say but congrats...hehehe! take care always! missed yah : )

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! sorry but I have to laugh and that is normal because I am NOT sitting in this torture stool !
I don't let the dentist touch my teeth without a shot ! Even when he swears to me on all saints in the world that it wouldn't hurt, I only open my mouth when I can see the seringe ! Then I only hear but don't feel ! and the noice is already terrifying me !
about birth I don't know anything either, I was fast asleep I had a cesarian, lol !

raqgold said...

you should have asked my girls to accompany you, they love going to the dentists! sometimes they even act as assistants to the dentist and of course, they always get new toothbrushes and some surprises kaya naman type nila parati pumunta, hehe

kg said...

oohhh...i hate going to the dentist also! makarinig lang ako ng wheesing sound from any of the stuff they use, nangingilo na ako. and i hate spending an hour with my mouth hanging open! kung di lang talaga kailangan, I don't go. he! he!