Monday, February 16

Valentine's Day Celebration

As I have mentioned in my previous post, The V and I decided to go on a special dinner date with our friends on Valentine's evening -which is actually the first time ever in our 7 years of marriage :)

The event was set in the idea of combining an elegant 4 course menu dinner with an interactive murder mystery. We the guests, take part in the story of the play, which was set in Paradise Hotel, Hawaii - which actually coincides with the title of the play - Murder in Paradise. Well if you ever get murdered, a perfect place to be is in Paradise :)

It was a wonderful evening - the whole thing stretched to almost 4 hours between starters, dancing the hula, singing, murder, dessert and to solving the crime. Of course -I solved the mystery, I knew exactly who the culprit was! Ha, all that Nancy Drew reading in my childhood and watching Scooby Doo was enough training! Unfortunately I didn't get a prize because there was a draw and another man got the big bottle of wine.

We were actually lucky because the event was supposed to be fully booked till my friend here bombarded the hotel with emails and calls - in the end we got the seats next to the performers. We think the chairs were just added to make some more money because it was really near the so called stage and the actors didn't have enough room to move or walk.

Here's another shot of the murdered actress in the story. She was found in the pool. If you noticed, that's a surfboard holding her.

It wasn't just the actors and actresses that made the evening really wonderful but the food was indeed a culinary delight! Since we were supposed to be in Hawaii we had food with a south sea flair :) Here are prawns in coconut batter as appetizer and the dessert, pineapple mouse and coconut ice cream. Yummy!


kg said...

oooohhh! what a nice dinner...with mystery! i bet it was such an interesting evening! i wonder if we have those here in Manila. mukhang masaya!

lilaybulilay said...

hi toni,can you tell me more about this dinner event,is the play in german or english, this can be a nice gift to mil.

Gattina said...

Now I am really jalous ! I never went to a restaurant to be murdered in paradise ! I am happy that you are still alive, lol ! Must have been a great evening !

Kayni said...

sounds like a fun event. i instantly knew it was a Hawaiian theme, the shirts gave it away. i would like to experience this one day.

Layrayski said...

Haha nice! When you mentioned Nancy Drew I laughed because the first time I read something like this about a mystery dinner was in a Nancy Drew paperback. That evening sounds like a lot of fun. Obvious ba na Nancy Drew reader din ako? =)

Toni said...

kg - yup it was indeed a very interesting and entertaining evening. i think this would be a hit in manila as well.

gattina - was really a great evening, worth the price too. it's better than just sitting down and having a meal.

lilay - a left you the link in your blog. they will have an english one this april.

kayni - yup, hawaiian theme, can't hide it. don't know about the food though, more like asian actually. but who cares as long as it's good.

layrayski- yup, go girls of nancy drew :) we should set up a fan base in facebook for that. but who knows maybe they have it already :)

RennyBA said...

What a wonderful, or even more; a perfect way to celebrate the Heart Day! You really looks great and the food sounds and looks delicious - indeed a culinary delight! Prawns in coconut batter sounds just perfect to a Norwegian who loves seafood you know :-)

Rico said...

Excelent dinner date! And the added mystery hunt was thrilling!

Toni said...

Hi Renny - yup that meal was really sumptuous, a real delight :) i love seafood too :)

Hi Rico - thanks for dropping by, yup this was really good, good food and great entertainment