Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

A happy hearts day to everybody :) We don't actually celebrate it because The V. thinks this is really not a holiday but rather borne out of commercialism. He thinks everyday is Valentine's Day if we want to and we don't need any special day to remind us of it. Nevertheless I wish you all a nice, warm and cozy Valentine's Day! We are actually going out tonight to a special dinner, prompted by dear friends, we decided to do something to celebrate in a way. It's a 4 course dinner with a special criminal play/mystery story on the side. The actors and actresses will be playing alongside with the audience (that's us) while we are having our 3.5 hour dinner. I really don't know how this would go but this is indeed a treat because we are even doing this in a posh hotel which I have only seen till tonight from the outside!!! I am actually excited, I hope it will be worth all the wait and the money ;)

Aside from this event, I am also happy because I have a week off from work. It's ski break but of course I am not going on any ski holiday but rather on a sleep holiday. I intend to sleep a lot and really recover from work and bad health- I've been having this bad cold since school started this January. Also we are expecting some guests next weekend :) so I am looking forward to that. Happy to have some visitors again to remind me how beautiful my town is :)

Don't you find it really nice when your guests see things around you that you normally won't give any time of the day? I think visitors really bring that fresh feeling and open your eyes wide to sights and places you have taken for granted.


Gattina said...

We never celebrated Valentine's day either, it just didn't exist when we were freshly married and even later. It came up in the last years.
I remember such a murder game in one of Agatha Christie's books, and there were at least 2 people murdered. I hope it will not be you and the V who have to play the corpses !
Viel Vergnügen und
Happy Valentine's Day!

Kayni said...

I want ski break. This Monday is the last holiday for us; then it's a three month stretch before we get a holiday...sigh. I really have to psyche my brain to get serious on work. I've been playing around too much. Enjoy your break.

Toni said...

Thanks Kayni and Gattina

Kayni - wish you all the energy you need to survive working hard for three months without a holiday :)

Gattina - will post soon about the evening, it was a wonderful dinner.

Layrayski said...

Oh yeah, I also remember an Agatha murder mystery that has this murder mystery dinner.