Wednesday, March 4

No post

So sorry for no updates and no posts, I have been sick since Friday. I do have one post in draft but not yet finished. Well in case you are wondering if this sickness is in line with my last post - nope, thank God not. Just the usual flu but very strong, the doctor diagnosed it as Virengrippe in german which is I think is influenza in english. Oh well, I hope to be well soon, it's really a pity because the sun is shining and I am in bed. Also I cannot do anything and can't even stay long in the computer because I have the worst headaches ever. So have a good week everybody and take care, don't get sick like me.


cheh said...

Ganito ata pagnagpapalit ang panahon.Tinamaan din kami ng mga virus lalo na yung panganay kong kuto nasa kiga na,pinapasa nya sa amin ang mga virus nakukuha nya sa ibang bata sa kiga,lol

Hope you feel better soon!ingat!

Kayni said...

Hi Toni, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Do rest and feel better soon. Can't wait to read your next post. Get well soon.

Toni said...

Hi Cheh - oo nga virus time but no worries spring is here, time for allergies :) yup kiga is the place to get those viruses, grabe! next year i will definitely get a flu shot.

Hi Kayni - thanks for the get well soon wishes :)