Saturday, March 7

Healthy Me

Hello everybody. Iam back from being sick and tired of the virus. The sun is shining and yes, spring is indeed in the air :o) how can we not ignore that?? From now on, welcome allergies and hay fever :) but sunshine, flowers and warm(er) weather.

So what I have been up to the last few days? Just almost at the end of our Ski Break, E. and T. our friends from Aachen visited us during the weekend. Despite the rainy weather we managed to have a wonderful weekend with a visit to a wonderful Museum I am going to introduce to you. So if you are in Frankfurt, this is a must for you.

First we went to Dialog Museum. In this museum you literally see nothing - just pitch darkness. There is a tour that shows you Frankfurt in darkness. How is that possible? A group with 8 people and their blind guide (or almost blind) go into the museum which is in total darkness and experience it as a blind person. Inside the museum you will encounter daily obstacles a blind person in Frankfurt normally experiences such as crossing a busy street, ride a boat (ok this is not usual unless you are a tourist), go to the market, have a drink in a restaurant, visit an art museum, see or rather touch a garden. It's about talking, having a dialog with the rest of the group to find your way. Your only tool is a cane, your hands and the rest of your senses. It is really an interesting experience, makes you really greatful for the eyesight you have.

Well that is the first part of our tour, I will write in the next post about the rest of our weekend.


cheh said...

Very interesting nga ito! There was a very touchy reportage about a blind person and her doggie assistant few years back on tv.Shucks!hagulgol ako sa iyak! Nagpapasalamat kung anong meyron tayo!

happy weekend toni! ingat!

Gattina said...

I am so sorry that you have been so sick ! I was didn't follow up my Google Reader for once I had not enough time ! Last monday was the funerals of my best friend (I knew her for 32 years and it was very hard for me) In fact I discribed her funerals ! Fortunately I had said good bye to her before. Her husband had always been a special case ! Now he thinks he is in love with our niece ! He is 18 years older ! Ich sag Dir ! das ist vielleicht eine Geschichte ! Gott sei Dank lebt sie in Italien !

Layrayski said...

you know toni with just your description nahilo ako. hehe but I admit that would be a fantastic place to visit!

Toni said...

Cheh - yes, it is indeed an extraordinary experience. me too, i also cry in those sort of shows.

Gattina - I'm sorry to hear about your best friend. Condolensces.,, also sorry to hear about that husband of hers falling in love with your niece just so soon.. how could he? then again maybe this is his way of coping up with the loss? Italien ist leider nicht so weit für jemanden, der verliebt ist :0(

Layraski - haha, nahilo ka ba? Now that you mentioned it, there isn't a chance to be dizzy. All that pitch darkness makes it all new and weird at the same time.

Kayni said...

I'm glad to hear you're much better. I am so looking forward to spring except for the allergies. This museum sounds really interesting.

Rico said...

That's probably the first time I heard of a tour as a blind guy. And sounds like a lot of fun. I'll surely sign up and not mis the adventure.