Saturday, March 14

Weekend with Friends

This post took some time to be published. Despite going back to work after being really sick I am still not back to my normal self. Can't wait till the Easter break.. aahhh don't we all need a break?See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil

The series of pictures taken are from the weekend with E. and T. This was taken in Casino for Communication in Frankfurt. It is nothing similar to a casino rather it is a museum where you actively take part in the activities. Casino probably relates to the way you deal with the different exhibits/games around the museum. The main objective of the whole visit is to evaluate your own communication skills, how creative you are in communicating with your partner/friends and if you are actually a good listener. It's a wonderful way of spending a rainy afternoon with a company of good natured, witty friends.This was the first stop, objective is to get the same item like your partner`s without looking at it but merely by touching it and telling her how your item feels like.

In this game, a moderator gets the card and describes the figure to the rest of the group by just telling them the different shapes on the picture. Here's the result...this was really hard and as you can see, only 1 got the figure correctly and that's not me. :) mine is the one in the middle.The game goes like this: you get a card with a name of the figure you have to make. You have to make a figure out of that object within a minute without talking to your partner. The other team will try to guess the figure, if they guess it correctly, one point for you :) I actually didn't know how to start with the figure using all those wooden blocks and sticks. I just followed The V and realised it along the way :0) almost like in real life when I don't know what he is up to..This is a challenge - to build the same figure on the card -- only you don't see it, your partner tells you which block to choose and how to arrange it. A challenge indeed! But I got it - good teamwork with my partner , not The V. but with E.Here's T. (with partner The V.) they were also a good team- I think men like such games, reminds me of kids excited over their building blocks.This game needs concentration - it's like a roulette but instead of numbers you have figures on it. Then you need to write 10 words about the figure in a minute. If the other people playing the game has the same word then you all score a point, if only you then no point. So the trick is to know what the other players are thinking.

Well that was it - there are 9 stations to play different games. It really is very interesting and is lots of fun! So if there is one such museum near your area, would be a nice place to go with friends.


Gattina said...

It sounds a little difficult, but I am sure I would have loved to do that too !

Kayni said...

Wow, I like building blocks. I'm not so sure we have something like this in my area.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I really need a break too...sigh.

RennyBA said...

Sorry you've not feeling well, but hope you get well and really enjoy the Easter Brake!

Those games sounds real great - actually I've done a few of them - much more fun than watching TV when you are with friends.

Happy week ahead :-)

Toni said...

Gattina - yes at the beginning it was a bit hard but the fun element is much more evident.

Kayni - oh that would be have been nice to try if you have something similar in your area.. maybe in the future?

Renny - oh that's nice you've tried some of the games yourself.. it really is fun with friends.

lilaybulilay said...

good to hear youre well again,and eyna was in town =(

eyna said...

love this photo sa casino hahahah.

uu nga pala te, dapat pala next time, pag dumalaw kami sa inyo, set tayo isang araw na all girls day at para ma meet ko din sila lilay n ate kengkay.

Toni said...

lilay - nice to hear from you.

eyna - yup we should do that, but that means you have to stay longer :)