Tuesday, March 24


I thought I would be thinking about the acquisition of a new mobile phone this week but life is exciting and when you least expect it - it's there to surprise you once again. Now I'm not even in a mood to think about this phone.

I got a call from my boss I need to go and see her in her office --why??? I thought she would ask me to do something on her computer (which often happens) till she told me the news- Well, she's not firing me but rather giving me a new responsibility and putting me ouf of my comfort zone.. scary, exciting, confusing... don't really know what I should do. This would not only affect my work but also my current studies. What a Monday!

I was so looking forward to my Easter break to do some lazy reading and preparations for my next paper when it dawned on me I would be partly working on my break due to prepare myself for the new tasks at hand! aaahhh life is exciting..


Gattina said...

If it is a promotion, then jump to the ceiling and be happy ! Maybe you don't even need your studies anymore. I am curious to read what kind of job you have to do then.
I was in Masseik to the Expo of the chinese terra cotta soldiers ! It was impressive ! They mesure 1.80 m !
Then we went to Maastricht, as it is only 30 km from there. What a lovely town ! I will write about it of course.

imom said...

Is it a promotion? Congrats then! Okay lang yan, at least your hard work and talents are being recognized. :)
The secret byahera has emailed me. We shall meet next week. What else do you want aside from the creams? :)

Kayni said...

Sounds like a promotion. I'm very happy for you. Savor the excitement =).

Toni said...

Gattina - yes I heard about Maastricht .. would like to go there as well.. will definitely take a look at your post

Imom - aha--the byahera has called you? naku, hiya ako, well I'm not sure if you can ask her to bring me something.. basta something light and not bulky? so it won't take too much space/weight sa bag niya.thanks in advance.

Kayni - thanks. it's really an exciting time. lots of things to do too.

Rico said...

Well you must be doing something good. If not they wouldn't consider giving you more responsibilities (such a big word ironically). hehe Good luck!