Saturday, March 21

Spring is here!

Yey! Spring time is here and finally it really is spring, the birds are chirping, the tulips and daffodils are starting to come out of the ground. We can finally put our coats, scarves and gloves back in the storage till the next winter!

Well nothing much is happening around here, just a few more days and it's Easter time which of course reminds me of my upcoming Easter break.. The V. and I will go for an easter weekend in a nearby town. Finally doing some traveling you have noticed my escapades have really dwindled the last few months.. We were actually planning to go for a two week holiday but this isn't possible due to some changes in the schedule. Oh well.. I did tell you I am going to the Philippines on December so that is one thing that shouldn't be cancelled at all! I can deal with all the cancelations except for that.

This week, I have the task to look for a new mobile phone. My current contract will be renewed for another 2 years and I have the option to get a new phone, an upgrade to a more advance model. My goodness this is such a difficult task as it turned out! Also I thought I wouldn't have to pay anything but it turned out I have to spend some money on it as well. I'm not sure if I will get an LG Viewty KU990 or a Nokia Express Music 5800. In case some of you might have an experience with any of these phones please let me know :) will be happy to hear your story. If all this search for a new phone gets more complicated I would just end up with my old phone. I thought I might upgrade a little bit so I can go online on my mobile phone too. Technically I can do that with my old Sony Ericssonk800i but the interface with the 2 other phones seem to be easier because they have touch screens. Well if it all gets more complicated and more expensive then need to just forget the idea ;)


Kayni said...

yes, same here, spring is finally making its presence. i just saw a bunch of blooming tree flowers on my way to work. i'm so excited.

imom said...

The N5800 seems cool! My friend's daughter has it. Maganda siya.
I look forward to your beautiful spring photos :)

Rico said...

Ooooh! You'll be coming home December. That's great!
Heard a lot of bad bugs and problems with N5800. The LG looks much better. But that's just me.