Thursday, April 16

Easter at Fulda

Finally, after 2 gruelling weeks of reading and writing I think I am done. I have finally finished writing my paper, I have yet to do the final bibliography and all but I will leave that for later.. or ? shall I go and finish it? Nah? I deserve a break. So finally here are some of the Easter pictures I told you about. Fulda is actually not far from Frankfurt, about an hour and 15 mins. drive or 130 kilometers. Our friends asked us, where we were going this Easter and we said - Fulda? Their reaction - what?? that is so unromantic.. well actually we just wanted to do a little tour and we could have gone somewhere much further but we thought, it's just a 2 night stay so let's go somewhere near.. the weather was fantastic and what could we asked for??

Inside the Fulda Cathedral, I wasn't really able to take some photos because people were leaving the church and some are coming in for the next mass. We did however had the opportunity to be in this church for the Easter mass and hear the choir. That 2 hour mass was amazing, the choir and the musicians made it really solemn although the sermon of the bishop was so- so, nothing you would expect from a bishop actually which is too bad i think(well i'm not actually a practising catholic so doesn't matter now and i was able to cut myself from paying that 9% church tax!!! since last year - whew!)

We really just walked around Fulda's old town with its (ouch!) cobbled stone streets - which was neverending. I thought it would be just parts of it but I had the feeling it was really everywhere- I was wearing one of those ballerinas which makes you feel like you are walking barefoot although it claims it has the anti shock soles.
This picture is in front of the Fulda's castle which is called Schloss Fasanerie. We didn't do a tour this time because we thought we would love to come again to the town, most probably with friends from out of town/country so we can show them something nice which we also haven't seen ourselves.
And this is the back of the castle, taken from the castle's park. Just in front of this picture is the orangery. It's the next picture. Back in the old times they put the orange/citrus plants there. Now it's part of Maritim hotel where they held ballroom parties etc.This castle has a really beautiful garden. There were many locals, young and old having a picnic, playing music or just hanging around this beautiful place. The castle was built around 18th century and is considered to be one of the most beautiful baroque castles here in Hesse. I think so too.
Till next post, more pictures next time -this post is already long.


raqgold said...

hehe, oo nga, why fulda? good thing germany is really full of castles and historical parts so kahit san magpunta there would be something to see

we're back and i've your request from chats :D

Gattina said...

You brought my childhood back !!! You know I lived with my grandparents when I was born (in Frankfurt) in Schl├╝chtern for 6 years and spent all my summer holidays there until I was 13 !! I have been to Fulda with my grandpa quite often (but I don't remember anything), it was the biggest town for me as I had never seen something else then Schl├╝chtern which was a little village at this time. My cousin still lives there !
Last time I have been there was in 81 ! when my grandma died. Now I want to visit my cousin once. We always talk on the phone.

Lifecruiser said...

OH, that seems to be a lovely town! I think all old cities are soooo romantic! I love cobblestones, but ehrm, yes, it can be a pain to walk on....

Lovely photos!

Toni said...

raq - thanks, will call you about the padala :) yup, we really need to discover those little towns

gattina - really you have a relative in fulda? yes, you should visit her soon :) it is a beautiful place

lifecruiser . yes, those old cities are really romantic and beautiful, they have such a rich history, it is amazing to see them now after so many years!

Anonymous said...

That is what the US is missing, real castles! The grounds are very beautiful too.

Yet, another country I wish to visit.

Kayni said...

really nice, i love the gardens. the weather looked gorgeous.

RennyBA said...

What a fantastic way to celebrate Easter and what wonderful places and gardens - great pics - thanks for sharing!

Toni said...

joanne - yup some of our american friends say the same :) also the history is just amazing here in Europe.. very rich, intriguing and fascinating at the same time.

kayni - yup this garden is really a treasure for those living here.

renny- yup, no egg hunting :) just taking photos :)