Wednesday, April 15

reading and writing

Hi friends and fellow bloggers, sorry no updates yet I am still busy with my essay that I need to submit soon! I am not yet finished although I can say I have read most the suggested reading stuff and even more - the problem is to condense and summarize all the million thoughts in 2000 words?? I do have some beautiful pictures from our Easter weekend which I hope to post soon just after I finish my paper, ok? So be patient and drop by again soon.

Also I forgot to update you - The V. has a new job already :) isn't that great???!!!! He actually started just April 1. Well I know some of you are following this blog for quite a while now so this is really good news.

That would be it for now, hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather too wherever you may be :)


Gattina said...

Wow ! how nice for V ! congratulations ! Very good news and not an April joke !
Reading that you have to go through a whole library and compress everything into 2000 words, I wonder how I handled toddlers and small children and they are still alive ! lol !

Kayni said...

Congratulations to V. I hope he'll enjoy this new job. I look forward to your photos. C'mon, hurry! Finish that essay already =).

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni,
I have a hard enough time writing some of my blog entries let alone think about doing an essay that I'll need to turn in and be graded on!

And yes, congratulations to your husband. I'm not sure how the economy is in Germany, but here the news is still full of people losing jobs. It's good to hear positive news:)