Tuesday, April 21

Fulda Part 2

Welcome back to Fulda :) Here's the part 2 of my blog post about this beautiful town.
Let's start at the entrance to the old town which used to separate the royals from the commoners in the 17th, 18th century.

According to our guide, yup we did a walking city tour :) this is called the witch's tower. There isn't a witch who was imprisoned or burned here (they used to do that in the outskirts, out of town) this was more the watch tower because it separates the nuns from the people(men!).

Again a walk in the park.

The Fulda Cathedral also known as Fulda Dom.

Some sculpture, the last picture is the shield of Fulda.

Somewhere in the shopping streets of Fulda. If you notice the city is deserted because it was Good Friday, a holiday here in Germany.

More pictures from Fulda. I tried this new site picnik to make some collages. I got the tip from the 11 year old daughter of my friend. These kids nowadays are all so updated with the internet.


Kayni said...

i love the cathedral and old buildings. i also would love to walk at that park. if i come visit you, you better take me to this park...lol. just kidding. i'm glad you two had a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Kids and technology these days! Pretty soon my son will be giving me advice on how to do things with the computer.

Okay, where will you be taking us next?

kg said...

ang ganda! i love looking at these places...wala kasi dito nyan!

i also love old towns...for me, they have more character, they have story to tell. :)

Gattina said...

The only thing I recognize is the street (or streets) because in Schl├╝chtern they look the same. Otherwise it's the complete black out. I really have to go back there some day !

Toni said...

hello Kayni - yup it was a wonderful trip,although short but worth it

Joanne - I would have love to go somewhere soon unfortunately no trips yet till summer-

kg - yup, I'm sure you have enjoyed your trip here the last time here in Europe the last time. it is an amazing continent :)

Gattina - I told you so.. you should visit your cousin soon...and on your way, you can have a stop over here :D

backpacking philippines said...

i love structures and buildings of the old world...how i wish to visit it someday

Toni said...

hello backpacking - hey you should visit it one day, i'm sure you will have a wonderful time here and don't forget to drop by when you're here, you're welcome :D