Sunday, April 26

Women are children too

Yesterday, our church hosted a women's retreat and in between the sessions we had some activities. My friend and I did jewelry making. I can't help but observe the ladies how they were doing their work- they were just like kids at kindergarden. I thought I was already at work :D
Some were greedy, wanting to have everything, I could have said this
"Kids, don't forget to share. Sharing is caring"

Some were overwhelmed with all the stuff and couldn't do anything, saying all the time "Toni, Toni show me this and that" I could have said
"Kids, if I would do everything, then it would be my work and not your work"

Some were impatient and couldn't wait. I could have said
"Kids, wait for your turn. I only have 2 hands and I am not an octopus."

Some kids were jealous of each other's work and getting grumpy, I could have said
"Kids, each work is beautiful in it's own. As long as you make it you should be proud of it."

Some couldn't stop and wouldn't go to the next session even if time is up, so this time I really said
"Kids, tidy up time!" And I really said kids :D not ladies.


Gattina said...

Hahaha ! you should be in our painting group ! Kindergarten is nothing against us !

Anand said...

U chose the perfect title for this one. :-)

Loved ur blog.

RennyBA said...

Well said and how do they raise their kids as well - another reason to a bit of worry :-)

Kayni said...

i agree. i tend to "still" act like a child sometimes.

Layrayski said...

That is funny. Do you think we haven't matured since kindergarten? Which reminds me that a favorite writer of mine wrote a book called, all I ever need to know I learned in kindergarten.

lilaybulilay said...

i love this post

kg said...

i think that there's a child in each one of us...and good for us too! :)

Toni said...

hello everyone :D

thanks for visiting, been really busy lately so no post, hope to do a blog post at least once a week!

imom said...

hahaha, i love this post. I often see that kind of attitude among the women at the gym during yoga. They fight over the slots, for goodness' sakes. Duh.

Toni said...

chats - nakarelate ba? hmmm i wonder which child/mom kind you are :D