Monday, July 27

Off to England ...soon

Just 2 more days and I will be flying to England - first stop is Manchester to see some friends .. after 3 days to London on my own for 15 days! Wish me luck - I hope not to get lost in the city..being disoriented and born without any sense of direction :) I will be doing a training for my studies which means attending the class from 8 or was it 9 to 6 pm everyday and at the end of it we will be rewarded with an oral exam from a panel of judges - yipee! Plus a demonstration of using all montessori materials with scrutining eyes of the examiners and graded too ...yipee again!

I ought to start studying some of the theory part but I am just lazy trying to enjoy the last days of my school holidays..because when I come back it's time for another 2000 page essay and of course start of the schoolyear with our new toddler group ---yipee to the third power. Life is exciting!

The hostel where I am staying says there is wifi I hope to update my blog while away... will keep you posted on this exciting adventure..


kg said...

wow! inggit ako! England? I also wish to visit london someday.

kaya mo yan on your own! in paris, for most part, i was also on my own, and i got around by myself pretty well! go! go toni! and please post some pics of england! :)

Gattina said...

Wonderful ! I am going to England too, on the 10th August and on my way back I'll stay a few hours in London, just to smell the city again ! It will be on the 18th, but then you are probably home otherwise we could have met. I stay at the coast for a week and then take the Eurostar from London to Brussels at 6 pm.

Kayni said...

have a wonderful time in manchester and london. i had a blast when i was there. looking forward to your updates.

Toni said...

Kg - yup I've packed all my gears for blogging and picture taking too - sana I will have the time to do something :( have tons to study!

Gattina - yes, I will be back on the 18th and will be working by then :( too bad .. will do it in Frankfurt next time :)

Kayni - thanks Kayni.. yes I hope to have a good time too despite busy schedule

sueisfine said...

sounds very exciting, toni. all the best with your study-trip!