Wednesday, July 29

On packing

So I have done my packing which is kind of weird because I really thought I would have lots of extra weight in my luggage but it turned out that I am still over than the 20 kilos limit that I should have - I am not having any carry on luggage except for a backpack with my books in it - Well I was planing to do some shopping in London (mostly books and cds for work and food shopping too) and I wonder how I could do that if my bag is already 22 kilos.. I have to probably check how much it would be to send books/stuff from there to here - and I think the school is giving us a second batch of books! I should have really brought a carry on - the thing is since I will be on my own and have no idea how I will be moving from point A - B - it would not be good to be pulling 2 luggages. Maybe I should really open that luggage and see what I can take from it...( to think that I carefully planned every piece of item in it) First I thought I should not be bringing clothes for 19 days - but then that means I have to wash my clothes somewhere and dry them too. My clothes are not dryer friendly - well most of them I think so they would probaby all shrink!


Gattina said...

If you tell me where you have to go from Heathrow, maybe I can help you. send me an email. Otherwise in Victoria station there is a luggage storage where you can leave your luggage safely and orientate yourself first without all that stuff.

Kayni said...

sigh, the joy and agony of enjoy your trip. by the way, how's the new netbook holding up? i am deciding if i should give netbooks a try.

Toni said...

Gattina - thanks Gattina, sorry I just checked my blog now so I didn't see your offer. I got here safely anyway :) I came in from Chester anyway and not from Heathrow because I visted a friend

Kayni - thanks - I am really happy with my netbook so you should give it a try if you want to. The best thing to do is go to a shop and give the netbooks a try - check how you feel with the keyboard. most of them have the same specifications (memory etc.) and prices (at least in Germany) the difference is the battery, colour, keyboard..goodluck!