Monday, August 3

Journey to England

My visit to England started with a very dramactic scene – that is me waving goodbye to my airplane. I have always followed my golden rule – that is to be at least 2 hours before my flight at the airport. The V suggested we do an early check in and it is not necessary to be there 2 hours at least so we were there an hour before the flight – what do you know we still needed to fall in line for the luggage check in - and I mean a long, long line and I needed to fall in line with 3 controls – 2 airline security checks and one passport control – I arrived 15 minutes before the departure time and they have closed the gate! I could only wave at my plane!

That moment was so out of this world – almost surreal - like a scene from a movie – it couldn’t be happening to me. The good thing is Frankfurt Airport has a good system with its luggage procedure that mine knew (very intelligent) that I didn’t board the plane even after I have checked in and it didn’t fly with the machine. So what else to do – go to the Lufthansa help desk, get a new ticket which also took a long time - it turned out I wasn’t the only one with this agony – the cost of the new ticket is 5x more expensive than my ticket and I have to take the plane the next day – otherwise it would cost me 10x more flying the same day!

So there you go – the start of my journey! Wish me all the best from now on -


Kayni said...

oh my...that happened to me before, but that was because i didn't wake up on time and missed my plane. it was good the airline i was flying with didn't charge me with anything, but booked me on the next flight to washington with no questions asked. yes, from now on, i wish you all the best for you journey.

thanks for the update on the netbook. that's my task at hand - find my new best friend =). send me some kinder bueno or cadbury from england...yum, yum.

Gattina said...

Geez that's really bad ! Here they tell us to be at the airport AT LEAST 2 h before (that's the minimum delay) for ALL flights. Wherever I go I always try to be 2 1/2 h at the airport. With all these security controls it takes a long time to check in !
Fortunately I don't have these troubles when I go to London, with the Eurostar you only have to be half an hour there for the check in !
Hope that was the last and only trouble you will have !

Vlado&Toni said...

Kayni - i'd rather send you german chocolates they are much better than cadbury :) english chocolates have less chocolate but more vegetable fat..

Gattina - yup and you could even take as much as you want without wait limit - lucky you!

kg said...

what a way to start your trip! nakakstress yan ha! especially when I think of the expensive ticket! :)

anyway, looks like it didn't give you that much a headache! so good for you! on to LOndon! :)