Wednesday, November 4

Christmas in a Shoebox

Yes, it's still November but it's not too early to think of Christmas - in the Philippines once the month has a  --ber ending then  Christmas is in the air. So as early as September we  start to think of Christmas and count the days, once in a while even hear a bit of Christmas carols.

So why Christmas in a shoebox? Our church decided to join this program where one can put some things in a shoebox for a child who normally could not get any  Christmas gifts this time of the year because of financial reasons.
This box  which is really a shoe box  wrapped with christmas wrapping, is filled with assorted materials like a litle toy, some kind of clothing, sweeties, writing materials, toiletries and of course a card or a picture from the giver.
What a nice way to start the holiday season! Now we are all sending these boxes early because those packages have to go a long way!Deadline is November 15 - so if you are anywhere in  Germany, Austria or Switzerland - why not click on the link, maybe you are interested as well. There are lots of drop off points where you can hand in your shoebox.

I'm not sure if you have this in other countries- maybe? Let me know.


kg said...

wow! this is such a great idea! ang galing! will see what i can do about doing that here! :)

Kayni said...

I agree with kg, this is a great idea. I feel so Christmassy na!

cheh said...

Hi ton, musta na? yup yup this is a great idea indeed!From time to time I'm sending Balikbayan boxes full of kiddies goodies but I don't think 'I'd be able to do it again this Xmas.Medyo nag resesyon aking bulsa this year,lol

BTW,do you have facebook acct? Hope you'll accept the invi when you get the opp ;)

Happy weekend ton! Ingat!

Gattina said...

We had already a big toy selection a few weeks ago. Some toys were completely new ! I personally don't like at all to think about Christmas, I am flying today for 2 weeks to Egypt in the sunshine !
Christmas had been a torture to me for years, so I have rather bad souvenirs. You know the famous Christmas fights with parents !

Toni said...

hi kg and kayni- yup such a great idea. very easy to do as well if you want to do a gift giving drive.

hi cheh - yup i have a facebook account with the same email. oo nga eh medyo maghigpit muna ng sinturon :(

gattina - have fun in egypt, i envy you :)