Monday, November 9

November Gray Days

Another week - another gray week. If you are suffering from a depression or some sort of sadness, this month would not help you to cheer up a bit but rather it will help you to feel  sadder than sad. Rainy, gray, foggy, overcast skies and a wet day... that's all there is to it the past few weeks. Although I dread each end of the month because of my essay deadlines, I really can't wait till it's December and there is at least something to look forward to than the dreadful weather of November - Christmas  and of course the long Christmas holidays! Hurra!

We still don't have plans for Christmas, our supposed to be plan to go to the Philippines has been cancelled due to unexpected reasons. We hope to fly soon when the skies this side of the world are not as gray as it is at the moment. Just to end this post I will share the last rays of summer taken at the banks of the Main River last September.

This was probably one of the best days of September, where The V. and I decided to go and have a drink along the river and head for  a hearty German meal at the end of the evening (sauerkraut, lots of meat and potatoes). I accidentally deleted the photos so could not show you anymore - such humongous portion, it's enough to feed a family!


kg said...

hope the sun makes its presence felt there soon toni!

here, we are experiencing sunny days again for the meantime...last week was gray here too!

have a great week!

Kayni said...

oh no, i know you made early plans to have the Christmas holidays in the Philippines. i'm so sorry you're not going this year. pretty photos! we're lucky in DC bec. we're still getting a lot of sun.

Vlado&Toni said...

Kg - have a great week too, still no sign of sun here though :(

Kayni - yup, really sad about not going home eh ;( so excited at the start, we have to cancel all our plans and bookings. The V. lost his job :(