Thursday, November 12

Swine Flu

This week went so fast - since the last three days I've only had 3 kids in my classroom. Due to the swine flu invasion in our school, we have 3 cases to date. Parents decided to either have the kids vaccinated or let them stay at home. On normal days I would have had 12 children and starting December, 15.

The health department said  it will get worst actually so we need not panic now. Apparently some kids might have gotten it already but they just didn't know about it because the doctors don't test them unless you really insist on it.

There is too much panic ongoing but really Swine Flu is just a normal flu - other than it being really contagious and dangerous to high risk people like pregnant women, people with chronic lung/heart diseases and children under 2 years old. Well most flu and other sickness are dangerous to such people anyway. Some of my colleagues wanted to close the kindergarten,  which would have been nice but nevertheless not so because then we have to do a super., super  general cleaning, which I am not fond of at all. I clean the shelves and the materials every week and that's it.

I don't know if I should even take the vaccine. I am still contemplating on it.. hmmm...


Kayni said...

I got the regular flu shot. It's hard to get the swine flu vaccine here, but like you, I'm also debating if I do need it. Just be extra careful.

cheh said...

Oh no!I hope the virus won't pull through in to our area esp not to my kid's KIGA although,I've heard there few people in our area suffering from normal influenza.Same here Me & my husband are still reluctant if we'll go for the shot.We're observing the situation but definitely it's no to untested vaccine BTW here's the email re:FB (chehermannATgmailDOTcom) See you there :)

kg said...

i believe what they say that it is just normal flu. but i still take the necessary precautions, like eating healthful food and washing my hands always. nothing beats prevention. :)

Layrayski said...


Getting flu and its shot isn't very fun.

Take care!And I'll close my fingers that you don't have to do general cleaning and won't get sick. *cross fingers*

Toni said...

Kayni - i was also thinking of getting just the normal flu shot. Have to call the doctor finally this week.

cheh - naku Gesundheitsamt said it will get worse daw, the deeper we go into winter.. so think about it if you want your kids to be vaccinated. if they are not risk cases you don't need to worry. it's just normal flu.

layrayski - yup no general cleaning :) we're back to normal schoolday next week