Thursday, January 7

New Year visitors

We had  E. and T. over New Year's and we were able to do at least somthing with them. Although I realised that a lot of Museums do close already on the 30th of December and open on the 1st of January. In E. and T's case - they came on the 30th and would leave late afternoon January 1st.

There really is lots to see in this museum, history of money in Germany, old coins, how the Euro was born and so on :) You can even have a look at all bills from around the world. It's also very intearactive - here I am trying to balance world economy, judging from my face, do I seem to save Germany  from the crisis  at least?

Is there really much difference between real euro coins than counterfeit? For all I know I might have gotten hold of those coins and never realise it was fake money!

Aside from the Geld Museum, we also decided to go the downtown in Frankfurt to get that board game Taboo I did not know board games are expensive, at €30 - that's a lot for some pieces of paper and a cardboard. Nevertheless, it was fun playing it. German malls are not really big and relatively small compared to those in the Philippines or US... but this building has this glass from inside going up as seen in the background which I think is really interesting. Sometimes there are people going in there, climbing up..

Here's The V. preparing on our evening meals. We decided to do a tapas evening as we wait for the midnight bang :) Here's prunes wrapped in bacon. Really easy guys, get a dried prune, wrap it in bacon, stick it in toothpick, put it in the oven about 10 minutes! voila a yummy finger food :)  if you don't have an oven, you can also fry it.

Our first meal for 2010.. what can I say but --yum! Found this Filipino noodle in the asian shop - which is almost next to impossible. The V. thinks it was a mistake most probably but I managed to do some panic buying now and have 4 packs of the noodles in my basement. Taran - pancit malabon with realy thick luglog noodles :) It tasted almost like it's from the Philippines and bought from those specialty noodle shop in Malabon :)

And here's the rest of our yummy treats for the evening! We ate it really slowly, one dish at a time and before we know it - it's 2010!


Kayni said...

food, food, and food. i wish i had that much food to usher 2010. is pancit malabon hard to make?

Toni said...

hi kayni - the noodles were really time consuming...soak...cook...then soak again.. took a lot of time and the slicing, pounding etc.. but was worth it in the end :) yum.. that big pan was almost empty after we were done! and there were only 4 people to eat it!

kg said...

wow! pansit in germany? gold! :)

looks like you and your friends had a great time huh! what a great way to start the year!

Anonymous said...

wow your food looks great! more great food for 2010!

Gattina said...

Since 3 years I always do this on New Year's Eve, a lot of little things to eat, from tapas over sushis to wrapped prunes, lol !
Must be a very interesting museum !

Vlado&Toni said...

kg - yup, we also could have pansit :) home made nga lang

prinsesamusang -thanks for dropping, yup more great food for 2010 .. plan to try out new recipes.. i always end up with the ones i know what to do .. :(

gattina -really? it's really a good way to lengthen the evening and not just eat and be tired and wait for 12 midnight..

Jono Tosch said...

Hi Vlado and Toni. Those noodles with the hard boiled eggs look awesome. Jono

fortuitous faery said...

hurray for your pancit discovery! treat it like treasure! because i'm sure it tastes like it!