Monday, January 4

Computer problems

The year is starting to be interesting.

My other computer got a virus. I still don't know what happened and how to remove it but I did not have the time to completely remove that awful virus that got in. I was in a site and this virus alert window came in, which i did not click but close. Somehow.. it got in and now my computer is really slow. I was able to fix  it a bit. If you google something and you click on a link, it brings you to some other page. Maybe you have some kind of solution, I would be greatful.

I just finished my hibernation - 3 days of writing my 2 essays! Whew.. now I feel so drained..

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Kayni said...

Hello. I wish I could help you with this virus/worm problem. What type of virus is it?

Glad to hear you finished your essay =). I'm still adjusting to 2010.