Saturday, January 2

2009 The year that was

A review of 2009. This is my way of writing down and digitally journalling 2009, the year that was.

January - finally decided to do my distance studies. Plan to get an International Diploma on Montessori Pedagogy

February - my blog celebrated it's 4th year. Wow! Although I must say, I don't blog so much, still it is a milestone for this blog that it has lasted this long. Remind me to do a back up of this blog in case for some unknown reason it disappears. Also, one of the firsts - The V. and I decided to celebrate Valentine's with some dear friends. That was a wonderful evening!
March - got a mini-promotion from my boss. A new-challenge, I have to set up a toddler group in our kindergarten on my own, with my own ideas and concept! Whew!

April - all this preparation for my new classroom and writing my essay is such a stress! The V. and I decided to unwind and do a short Easter weekend away from home. Also good news The V. finally has a new job. He has been wanting this for a long time.

May - it is a busy month for me as the school year almost draws to a close this coming June. Lots of preparation for my new classroom and for my studies.

June - in between finishing up last plans for the class, catching up on my reading and my essay writing. The V. celerbrated his birthday and we took care of our godson for an overnight. This was our first time and it turned out really well.

July - hurray, school is over! The V and I decided to have a summer fiesta party in our garden. Lots of food of course and our friends came. The list grew longer and longer and instead of having 20 guests the guest list reached about 50! And end of July was also my trip to England, which I missed and had to pay a lot of €€€€!

August - Hello London! However, did not do much of sightseeing, met a lot of terrific girls from my class though. Turned out I was not alone on my predicament, we are all struggling with learning, doing our work, private lives and studies! We all hated the deadlines and wished we all had better marks. And finally I present to you my new classroom all from my own sweat and blood with some help from my colleague

September - Whew! Glad I survived this month and yes I passed my exams in London. So busy at work and so tired. The toddlers are such a whole lot of work but such rewards indeed! The classroom turned out so well and I realise I did not have any post on September. However, bad news hit us at the end of the month. The V. lost his new job due t cost cutting, the company decided to dissolve his position. Really, really sad. The V. was just a week from being a regular in his new work.

October - We could not let the bad news totally dampen our spirits and life has to go on. Need to make some changes with our plans such as cancel our upcoming trip to the Philippines on December. Just happy to finally have a break  for  a week. It's autumn and yes I turned 38 this year.

November -  This is one of the grayest months ever in my life. November is such a long, sad month.

December - Happy to have Christmas. Thank God for our dear friends who support us through their prayers, kind wishes, hellos and wonderful friendships. Here's hoping for a much better, more exciting, blessing-filled 2010.


Kayni said...

Sounds like 2009 was a great year for you, and I wish that 2010 will be another great year =).

kg said...

so many blessings for 2009! hope 2010 will be better for you! :)