Sunday, February 7

Frankfurt Discoveries

We've had lots of snow last week and 2 snow days inclusive - kindergarten and other schools  were close- So lots of irritated parents who did not know what to do with their children and happy teachers who suddenly found themselves with some free's a picture taken on Monday before the real snow chaos begun taken on our walk

So what to do on snow days? I have just submitted my essay and was not in the mood to study again after a weekend of lots of cramming and panic.. I needed to go to Frankfurt to do something, I took the train and The V. picked me up from Frankfurt. On our way home we decided to eat there and found a little restaurant. Just a simple one nearby Frankfurt Main Train Station.. what a catch! A fish restaurant in the middle of Frankfurt's red district. .. for one moment I thought I was near the beach...i could smell the sea, sand  and sun the moment that plate of grillled dorade(sea bream) landed in front of me. Yum! For €8:00 I would definitely come back in that restaurant. What a treat!

The restaurant also has a fish shop - so I could buy fish galore at reasonable prices! This fish vendor was so in for it for having his picture taken :) He was nice to give me 2 extra limes and gave me a wonderful service - will definitely shop for some more fresh fish next week. For those in the Philippines - shrimps are sold here semi-cooked. I was surprised myself when I saw this here in Germany but I thought since we live far from the ocean could be the case - till I saw it in Barcelona.. this way the shrimps stay fresh longer...

Indeed - Frankfurt still surprises me after all these years. Hope to do some blogging about this city now that I don't travel anymore. Much as well make use of my location.


lilay said...

toni please give me the name of the restaurant, is it near frankfurt train main station?isang sakay lang yan from our place, im craving for fish and seafoods....thanks

kg said...

ang cute naman nung cook ba yun? he! he!

good thing you still get to eat fish there. madami ba seafood dyan?

Gattina said...

I come with you ! that looks delicious ! I haven't been in Frankfurt since my birth, lol ! Only at the station when I had to change the train to go to my Grandparents who lived in Schl├╝chtern near Fulda.
You know there always surprises. Germany is big, so it's normal that you don't find everything only in Frankfurt.

fortuitous faery said...

OMG that fish looks like it really made the train trip worthwhile!

the fish guy looks cute, too! when you come back, can you tell him i said "hallo?" haha

Anonymous said...

that plate looked delectable!

Toni said...

Gattina - well at least you've been to Frankfurt once.. better that than never

KG and Faery -hahaha.. oo nga did not notice na cuting pala ang mangingisda :)

prinsesa - yummy! that fish was so good considering the fact we are far away from the ocean..

lucidInterval said...

hey tonette! i walked out of FB and decided to have a blogspot site..great tp see you here.. hope you keep me posted..